Saturday, January 27, 2007

Great People

Finally met the guy and the girl i'm flying to Australia with. Pretty nice people. Easy to talk to, friendly. But they smoke. And i cough

I watched, fascinated, as they light up a cigarrette using a lighted ciggarrette... first time actually looking at it right in front me

We talked, among other things, about smoking. They asked me if i tried. And when i said no, the guy asked me "Are u stressed?" cuz i was still in my work clothes. Funny! Haha.

Last Thursday i had lots to photostate at work... and so did this girl. We kept bumping into each other... And then she spoke to me when we were in the filing room. Found out that she's a VT too and invited her to lunch.

Now she's part of our wonderful lunch group. Love my lunch buddies!

The girls of our group. Y, me, MY, YT and PL. Lunch at E & C building. Tuesday

We celebrated the (near) ending of our internship at Courtyard Garden on Friday, it wasn't as good as we hoped and we regretted not going to Jarrods and Rawlins. Jarrods and Rawlins always looked so cool everytime i pass by it to the carpark. And i never noticed Courtyard Garden altough it was along the same road.

Oh well, nevermind. The Majestic Chilli Paddi spaghetti chilli lover PL and i shared was good.

We went out for dinner as well! =) To Murni's in SS2. The same place my telemarketing colleagues and i wanted to go to in 2005. Its a famous pricey mamak with HUGE portions. According to Y, Murni's is William's brother. Did i write about Williams in September or June 2006? Can't remember.


Jacqueline said...

Errm... is that yoke teng in the pic?

sue lin said...

Yup! u know her??

typlotion said...

then Jerome must be both William and Murni's father

sue lin said...

Hahahhahahaha, when i read your comment i laughed like hell man! U are sooo sooo crappy

Valdez Lisa said...

hey, you look professional in your formal attire!!! haha...

sue lin said...

Hey thanks! =) U too, during Liwei's bday. Hahaha