Thursday, December 07, 2006

Internship: D2 & D3: Happy & High =D


Cuz they gave me work today! AHAHAHAHA

Work that seems important. Tax computation. Where i... u know, compute the tax? Hahahaha... its basically just a bunch of accounting formats la, just follow.

Prior to that, as i was doing mundane filing. When i heard my name being called, i turned around catiously... i could be mistaken, my name sounds like many people's name.

They were calling me! =) Yeah! They wanted me to follow F to learn some stuff. I was like ok. Wore my tag around my neck, without it i can't open doors, and my i hang my phone on it.

My tag says "Vacation Trainee 55". Out of boredom, i tore a small piece of paper and wrote my name on it, attached it to the tag, with my phone number... if i lose the tag, i'd prefer getting it back without the company knowing i lost it =P

So, i followed F to the lift, thinking i was going to learn how to run errands in the building (i've been fetching files). But, surprise! She went to the ground floor and walked OUT!

I was like... do they have a building opposite or something?!? I stupidly thought.

Hahahaha, upon asking her i found out that we were going out! Yay, yay! Hahahahaha. I'm not in audit and i went out! =) Not cooped up in the office all freaking day.

PL said we're lame when i told her that and i couldn't help agreeing in between fits of laughter. Man i love this girl!

The outing was to IRB (Inland Revenue Board). Some government tax place la. Hahahaha. About 11 or so identical buildings with similar interior. Went from this office to that office to get signatures and stamps, thats all, no roller coasters or anything interesting, yet i enjoyed the hour long trip so much.

You may skip the rest of the post, its my crazy feelings in detail. It's my diary.

F's also fun to talk to. And she explains stuff to me as if i'm dumb, which is good, so i need to ask less, but i still asked a lot... and so are so many people,

The IT guy (he told me about his studies in the States etc)
The other VT, A i met in the lobby.
The new permanent staff whose name i don't even know...

Tax computation

To be trusted with such work, to be finally learning how to do something more important than photostating and writing addresses and sealing envelopes, made me sooo happy that the heavy rain did not spoil me mood

Not even if the rain means i can't go home at 5.30 sharp. I sat and happily continued doing my work SLOWLY. And got a FREE cup of hot milo to drink =) It's from my beloved vending machine, the machine i get my coffee from when i was in uni

Glad to see the machine ok? Even if the drinks are not free, i was happy to see the machine

I would have stayed there until like, 10pm if PL and MP weren't depending on me for a ride to the LRT station. On my own free will i would have done that! Hahahahaha, the excitment of something new!

Not like i minded the photostating and filing... it beats staring at the computer screen... my eyes arent hardy, i can't stare at the screen for too long and neither can i wear contact lens for too long.

Not so perfect end to... today

Every couple goes through rough patches. Even the one who is showered with gifts and attention. Even the one who is currently in an aeroplane on the way home from her 'honeymoon'.

Even the one who is writing this (duh, i know u know, i haven't been very discreet, have i?)

Some fights may be small, some may be bigger. Some last a night, some lasts a few days. But all fights are awful even if its the sort of argument where u laugh at it later on and don't even remember what it was about.

I don't think this is one of those.


supplementals said...

not so perfect end - *hugs* :)

Anonymous said...

Every thing is never perfect... Thats why we never get sick of it :). I agree with you about the relationship part. But remember arguements and fights doesn't mean that it is the end of relationship. It can be something that is forward, something new you now know and learn from the fights :). Ok I am being mundane here. Hhaha...

She's Jess said...

Life is like that.. we got to go through rounds of roller coaster of emotions.

It sucks but this is reality. Solutions are on our hands... it's just up to us how we want to get things done.. and surely, there will not be a solution that can undone the past sour moments.

Joey said...


Anonymous said...

girl, where are you working??

sue lin said...

Supplemetals and Joey, thanks!

Sakurablossom, Yeah, i didn't think it was the end of it. I just meant it isn't one of the arguments where i won't even remember what it is about. Its not a silly stupid thing this time.

Jess, yeah, ups and downs. Can't undo the past, can forive but hard to forget...

but although the memory of it may not entirely go away, as time passes by, u'll think of the sour moments less and less.

Kit Mey, I made it a point to NEVER mention the names of the companies i work for in my Blog. Also never write anyone's names in here.

Are u using the same phone number?? I'll sms u.