Saturday, July 04, 2009

Alaska Day Trip

Updated 7/7/2009

MY and i drove to Port Klang and went for a one day cruise to Alaska! Without a ship! HAHAH. Yeah right!

Inside this ice cream warehouse, lies a simulation of Alaska:

My Melbourne winter clothes were used, i went in with the warehouse personnel and started on my stocktake. I was in there for quite a while according to the Singaporeans clients.

That's before i knew it was THIS COLD:

CRAP! Imagine wearing winter clothing meant for -2 degrees in a -22 degrees environment?! How did i manage? At least there was no wind inside, makes it bearable.

Was so cold inside that i was worried my toes, fingers or ears would fall off! Was seriously scared. Wore an additional jacket provided by the warehouse after that:

Heheh, this picture is funny! After a long session in there, MY and i went out and just sat under the hot Malaysian afternoon sun, still wearing our winter clothing!

We sat there and chat with all that gear on until we got sunburned! HAHAHA! Love working with friends. Get to camwhore too!

That girl doesnt know how to handle a Magnum! HAHA!

The ice cream just came out of the -22degrees warehouse, i swear i used it to hit the wall and it sounded like i was using a hammer to hit the wall!

No pictures of the inside. It looks just like Ikea anyway.
And i didnt want to kill my purple phone in the extreme weather. Here's how they load the lorries:

The loading area is about -5degrees, u have to enter the loading area to exit the warehouse. After being in -22, entering the loading area feels so so warm! Can you imagine that?

Once in a lifetime experience, ONCE is enough!

Long Day Ahead

Will be counting ice cream in a cold room below 0 degrees today! For work! Sounds fun! Plus i get to go with one of my closest high school friends! =) First time working with her although we've been colleagues for over a year

And then will be attending a wedding dinner. Excited cuz its the first time i am attending a FRIEND's wedding. Actually its my senior at work's wedding. She's 3 years older. Definitely consider her a friend, so yeah, that makes me excited


supplementals said...

tapau ice cream!

Isya said...

you get to count ice cream???? no way!!!! im jealouss.... wait, do u get to bring any home? or half price at least.

Daniel said...

Use a pencil to write down the counts.

A pen might freeze.


i've done a -15C or -20 C stocktake before counting pallets of meat.

Learn that pork really smells different compared to lamb and beef!

Sue Lin said...

Supp, u make me hungry!

Isya yeah, its ur industry's. Prac Ops went around 15th floor looking for people to do the stocktake, she was chatting with this senior sitting in front of me and i volunteered! HAHA.

No, didnt get to bring any home, they werent selling but can put 2 into my stomach! Haha, damn now i'm craving ice creammmm

Daniel, yup, someone who counted bottled milk previously told me about using a pencil.

Yeah i remember u telling me about ur first stocktake! Eh, i beat u ok? Mine's -22! Heheheh

I know Aussie pork smells really strong. And i dont like Malaysian beef =P

Jacqueline said...

Hahaha!! Counting ice-cream sounds really cool! Remember to bring along your spoon... FOOD TASTING, yea!! kekekeke!!! btw, isit hagen-daz or baskin? kekekek!

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHA, Jac, ur funny! Its neither Baskin or Haagen-Daz la, though the warehouse guy says that on another day there is Haagen-Daz!!! Too bad la

dawn said...

cOOOooooooooollllllLLLL...where's my share??? :)

sakurablossom said...

Lol... -22 is not bad.. I live in a country for 7 years that can go as low as -40... well it is most of the time around -30 to -35 though... lol...

Sue Lin said...

Sorry Dawn, i am only allowed to take ice cream home by putting it into my STOMACH! Hahaha

Yea Sakura, my friend's bro studied in Canada and he said it goes down to -40. U back or still there?? Scary la, when there's wind, cannot imagine!

Jacqueline said...

The pics are cool!!! My brain may probably freezed if i go in.... hahahaha!!!

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Jac!

Hahha, no la, brains doesnt freeze so easy la, u'll be fine! Hahah =)