Sunday, December 24, 2006

When Managers Become Drivers

Noticed little blue gifts at every desk. "Do i have one?", i wondered as i walk to my secluded corner desk.

And there it is, a little something. =) Hershey's Kisses. Almond. Nice! Thanked WL for them.

WL and SL are leaving the company and we had a farewell lunch for them cum Christmas party at a club near work. Since parking is RM9 per entry for most of us, the managers who get to park for free in the building, became drivers! Hahahaha. So nice of them. =)

20 of us sat in a really long table. Even Director C joined us. It was nice.

Had the salmon set. Yummy! Happy with my choice. Since everyone pre-ordered a set, and the choices we had both costs RM16.90++, i went for the luxury food =P Same price after all.

After lunch, we headed back to the office to find more gifts on our desk! I've got one from the exhange gift/secret santa thingie... and ontop my monitor, two little candy canes! Little surprises are nice.

Some people just went around handing out little gifts, until i've got so many on my table!

Most of them are simple chocolate and candy but its great receivng so many until my desk was full. Its opening the wrappers that's fun, its the thought that counts.

If only i was as thoughtful... =P

All the above happended on the 21st Dec, Thursday. Cuz most people took Friday off. But quite a few of them came to the office although it was their day off. I'm guessing, to accountants days off are days where u come to work late, dressed casually and u leave early.

Ohhhhh, and my wish to travel for work came true, i'm dispatch girl. Delivered a cheque to Menara Maxis, delivered a billing to Shah Alam and went to SS2 to collect some signed tax forms! =) RM80 of cab fares there

Went shopping with bestfriend today. Discount heaven in Peel Road. Its called Queens Park. I bought a little Guess skirt worth RM249.90 for RM63 and a Guess evening top worth RM219.90 for RM35. =D

Also, for only RM30, i bought two tops for work, a present for E, and flip flops from F.O.S there. =P Crazy man! Gonna wear the skirt to E's boss's Xmas party tomorrow! Yay!

His bosses at Borneo Ink are very nice wan... i followed him to work n lepaked there till the shop closed at 3pm. They belanja-ed me nasi lemak somemore! =) Two packets. =P

Though i'm home on xmas eve, blogging like a loser, i'm HAPPY. Smiles.

Merry Christmas


Jazzy*Pam said...

Ooh, Hershey's Kisses!! :D

sue lin said...

Haha! =) Thanks for commenting! Its nice! Even if it's short, puts a smile on my face!

She's Jess said...

I don't like the idea or sitting in managers' car or i drive managers back.

there was once i got to drive home my manager. felt so tension man...

presents from colleagues are surprising. i got few too. some fr managers.. but feeling bad that i got them nothing at the end... plus... it isn't appropriate anymore to get something now... all are looking for new year :p

sue lin said...

Jess, i get what u mean, but that time there was 5 of us in the car so its not so bad...

Yup, not nice right when people give u stuff n u dun get them anything in return? Actually still can give, xmas is 12days.......