Saturday, August 06, 2011


What do u do when your boss, a Chartered Accountant, says he is a beekeeper on your first day of work?
I thought he was joking and didnt know what to say! Weeks later, during lunch, another colleague asked him about his bees. Then i realised it he wasnt joking! Hahahha, he really is a beekeeper! His has the suit and his own bee hive!

This other Chartered Accountant in the shared office is a dancer.
She dances for medals and competitions! She orders costumes and it gets sent to the office! She's really passionate about it and you can see it in her eyes, love the way she talks about it!

I'm proud to be surrounded with interesting people, who have a balanced life =) A friend commented in my old blog post
I miss those days soooo much. Got me Googling, got me excited seeing the classes and all the various levels!

Shall this be my hobby?


Isya said...

coincidentally i was just thinking about pole dancing today!!!
i think you should totally do it if you find the classes for it again. it was really really fun! kinda miss those bruises...

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, i forgot about the bruises!!! I've signed up for classes! Starting at the end of the month! =) =)

pompom said...

Very nice site and beautiful pictures..

Sue Lin said...

Thanks a lot! =) I'm checking out your blog