Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What's Appropriate?

At first glance, see anything wrong with these colleagues of mine?

Skirts' not too short, cant see cleavage from the back, closed toed black shoes, nothing's wrong?

Can't be seen in that picture, snaps again and again

She's got quite an obvious tattoo on her ankle! And she she dares to wear skirt to the office?!

Man, where does she get all that guts? I wouldn't dream of getting a tattoo on my ankle unless i was super smart, the best confident Toastmaster speaker and have a rich daddy and a rich bf who can sue u senseless should u cross me!

But i'm not, and they are not.
My tattoos are safely hidden here and here ; )

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What do u think??


supplementals said...

i think... its a birthmark la...

dawn said...

hahaha! birthmark! hahahaha!

Your friend so farneee!!! haha :)

what do I think? hmmm...*thinking*

No offence to ur colleague but I won't put a tattoo there if i were to ever have one. er...coz I love to wear skirts. hahaah!

And yea I think it shd be covered for work. But then again, if work is delivered up to expectation, who can say anything? Even if that tattoo is on her forehead?

Sue Lin said...

Sup okay, maybe my curi curi take pictures suck but i saw it with my own eyes la. Its most definitely a tattoo unless birthmarks come in fantastic designs la.

Dawn ya la, hahah imagine boss ask whats that, u reply birthmark! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Yeah thats why i said, only if i am super smart and a great speaker plus damn rich, only i dare to do whatever i want.

For office job should cover up right? Two of my clients have tattoos on their ankles. But one is a sales manager, so she's fairly successful already, got power. And another one is an auntie! The company's managing director's secretary, probably worked in the company long enough, so got power. Young ladies... this is the first time i've seen

Isya said...

i finally get to really see ur tattoo. first caught a glimpse of the one at the back during pole dancing class. didnt know you well enough to start probing :)

but wow! really brave of that girl. if certain partners from our firm saw that, she'll be in a bit of trouble. but you gotta admire her guts.

Sue Lin said...

Hie Isya! Yeah, pole was a long time ago! About a year? Since then we've been chatting over blogs, ST, a few lunches =)

Oh yeah, are we still on for Sat afternoon?

I agree, she's so brave! Yeah partners are super detailed and all that, how to escape?!

Jacqueline said...

where u auditing now? This place looks like KL... Near... Hang Tuah?

Sue Lin said...

I'll let u know via sms or msn =)