Saturday, March 06, 2010

Jitra, North Malaysia, Part 2

Last Thurday night i didnt turn on the tv cuz i went here!

Walked fast to get there before sunset. Walked past this abandoned and haunted building (or so they say).

RM 6 per entry
Looks kinda rundown... doesn't take long to make one round

When i told my senior i went up, she asked if i could see paddy fields! Haha, No more of that can be seen from the tower, its all town area today.

A security guard spoke to me, and i learnt of a revolving restaurant. The same kind as the one in the KL tower, after all its managed by the same utilitites company. You can't just go up to look-see, so i said i'll have a drink

Watched the sunset alone, in a table meant for two. Sounds sad huh? But you cant spend life waiting for someone to do things with u, u gotta be independent at times, see the world, or towers on your own.

And master the art of self shots for the blog =P

Made the slightly dull restaurant look good through my camera lens. Shortly after, i got bored, paid my bill RM7.50 and decided to go see the observation deck again. Whoa!

So much prettier by nightfall. And the wind in my hair was magnificient, i loved it! At night, open air rocks!

Coffee vending machine became my tripod =P See my hair flying!? Such a nice way to wind down after 4 days of hard work!

Pardon me for wearing slippers

After that i called a cab to get back to the hotel even though its walking distance cuz i was alone and it was dark. Stupid taxi driver wanted to charge me RM10, bargained to RM8. Sighhhh

Senior picked up the Jap manager from the airport and then me for a Thai dinner. God i love Jitra for its food, always spicy Thai food

If u ever, for some reason head to Jitra, go to Restaurant 5 Utara, its near a Maybank in Jitra. Goooood fooood by a Thai owner and supplies imported from Thailand in a pickup truck. U must try the coconut jelly!

After dinner we went to our respective rooms/home to work into the night


Isya said...

eh, i really like the wind blowing in the hair picture!

and the place looks really deserted. *sigh. i miss thai food, like thai food from thailand.

Sue Lin said...

Isya thanks! =) But i look like i have no eyes in that pic

Yeah it was deserted, a few couples and not that many other people there. No one stayed there for long, just a few mins

Feeling hungry now...

supplementals said...

Nice tower, which reminds me.. really must go up kl tower & twin towers once. Aussie friend visited and asked how was the view from there.

"i dunno"

"hehe, ur not the 1st malaysian i've asked who gave me the same response."


Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! Supplementals exactly! The stupid twin towers is so inaccessible! I havent been there as well. So stupid! Will try to one EARLY weekday morning, its so hard to get tickets! Grr!

KL Tower i've been but its been a while ago

+ : A d a M : + said...

haha ya man the tower looks so deserted! ur like the only one on the observation deck..=S

well you'll be happy to know that the restaurant looks exactly the same as the one up KL tower..the layout n the buffet cart in the background looks the same. If anyone asks whether to go up KL tower and KLCC skybridge, ill say go up KL tower but dont bother with skybridge.

i wanna go to Jitra tower too! =D

Sue Lin said...

Hey Adam! There were people but obviously when i wanted to camwhore i made sure no one was around! Heheh

SERIOUSLY?! I have such HIGH expectations of the restaurant in the KL Tower, shocked to hear its just the same, are u kidding me?!

I've been up the KL Tower a long time ago, it still wud b nice to have been to the Skybridge at least once...

Book AirAsia to Jitra! Or make a road trip, 5 hours drive. I passed by lots of museums and heritage sites i never had the chance to go to. Starcity charges RM 142 a night for that room i slept in. The Thai food is authentic, man i am getting hungry...