Friday, June 13, 2008


Maybe cuz i am not PMSing anymore.

Maybe cuz the current client is SUPER nice, they treat us to lunch every damn day. Korean BBQ in SS2 yesterday wei. They don't scold. And they chase us off at 5.30pm quite sharp, so we get to go home early! Makes this blogger smile.

And definitely because this blogger is no longer on probation in work! I am a confirmed staff! Yay, a few days early! All that stressing to get the Feedbacks done on time last week was all worth it:

Also because. I shopped. I didn't see the mail till i got home. Had training today, which was done early and i went outta the office at 5pm and went SHOPPING =)

The road home was a breeze! Yay, OTHER people are getting the message - THEY should stop driving cuz of the increase in petrol prices and leave jam-free roads for me!

I worked from home for over 5 hours tonight, didn't get to watch the final released episode of Prison Break, i miss Wentworth Miller! Haha.

But still. Somehow. I am HAPPY.


She's Jess said...


And you are happy also because of salary revision? :D

Let's hope yr work will always make you THIS happy..

Becky said...

hey gal!!! congratz congratz =)

Sue Lin said...

Hey Jess, Becky, thanks!

Nope Jess, there is no revision sadly! =( But now can be a little less worried already la. I hope ur right abt work... this week was good!

She's Jess said...

Let's hope for year end revision then?

Well, mine turned out bad this wk. Too stressed. Office politic made me cried

Sue Lin said...

Awwww, i'm sorry to hear that, Jess, i hate office politics! It sucks, even a bit of it spoiled me day. Hope it settles out for u soon

Year end... if i do well, i'll get an early progression, which is like a mini promotion with a slight pay increase. Fingers crossed for that!