Monday, January 04, 2010

Started 2010 on a busy note

Rushed home from Port Klang on 31st

It was jammed, i wished i was on the flyover above me...

I felt small and vulnerable driving a Kancil in Port Klang, these monsters can eat me up...

31st Dec didnt feel like it, didnt go out since i was working on 1st Jan. Felt depressed and asked E to bring me to the hill in Taman Segar

We got there at 11.40pm, double parked and joined many others to catch a view of the KL skyline on the turn of the decade.

Nothing spectacular but so simple and satisfying, my 6th New Year's Eve together with E =D

Rushed home to get much needed sleep. Friday - Drove to Banting (the client's place is off limits in my map book!) for the longest stocktake i ever had - 13hours, god. Thank goodness colleagues were pleasant chatty people and the client's Finance Manager and CFO were super duper nice, the CFO actually stayed till 9pm plus and even helped count stock!

Will u be this humble when u are on top?

Came home to a dark house, i missed my extended family's 1st Jan dinner. Microwaved leftovers, ate alone and went to bed

Saturday, 2nd Jan - Gym, lunch, online, nap, documentation aka worked. Mamak and some quality time with E! =D

Sunday, 3rd - Gym, lunch, napped till MY called about dinner! Was like shit, i need to work so i worked hard and fast, just as i was gonna log off and hit the shower, SY and SJ arrived at my house, shit! Running late, E arrived to pick us up, i forgot my camera!

Sighhh, its 4th Jan and i have no pix yet! =(


Sue Lin said...

Today is as equally hectic, i'm so tired!

Isya said...

sue lin!!!u poor thing having to work on new years day!!! but can claim comptime. that's what i tell myself all the time. haha.

Sue Lin said...

Yup! Can! And we are claiming 12hours! Yay! it was a 13hour stocktake, can live with a discount of one hour

She's Jess said...

Hey, I wasn't alone. Worked on NY too :/

supplementals said...

Hey, long time no comment/read ur blog. Been busy job hunting so i skimmed thru ur posts and realised that the short lines in BOLD catches my eye the most.

Like 'It was jammed, i wished i was on the flyover above me...' and 'Will u be this humble when u are on top?' which got me to read the few paragraphs relating to relative line in bold. Hats off to the CFO man... Certainly Friendly Officer :p

A friend of mine told me its better to bold out any clear license plate numbers in blog pictures. Just in case? i'm gonna buy number 9634 anyway :p

Sue Lin said...

Awww Jess u worked on NY too? Lots of cheques to clear?

Supp, oops, normally if its a car of someone i know, i'd have the instinct to blank it out but this was a random car in front of me. Buy me 1 year's supply of nasi lemak if u win! =P

How's the job hunting going? All the best! =D

Yeah, thats exactly what those bold sentences are for. Cuz i wrote too much and i know people dont have time to read =P I know my readers are mostly my friends- 20something and busy! Hahah