Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pulling Out the Sweet Tooth


Went to Fitness. And then a family gathering... for my mom's cousin's wedding. Bit unsual cuz the bride's marrying a man of a different race... so the Chinese dinner had less than ten course... and there was no toast in Chinese... u know the really loud, long 'yam seng'?

Another thing i noticed at the dinner. I've have got a sweet tooth, i love eating sweet stuff. One mouthful of dessert and i was "wowww, this is nice" but my mom's sisters went "tooooo sweet!".

Two of them didn't take more than a spoonful... my mom and i drank the whole bowl. No wonder they are so thin and my mom n i are like the way we are. Like mother, like daughter.

I figured 1 bowl is a good compromise, didn't allow my mom to take the second. I wanted a second bowl too... =(

Pulling out the sweet tooth is going to be hard. Especially when it's permanent... pulling out my permanent re-molars for by braces wasn't easy. It was bloody.

Sunday - I was a mess

I'm insecure, pathetic and everything makes me cry... I hate myself, i hate the way i feel... And my body's aching! After one week of not going to Fitness First...

Lucky someone screwed up and gave us lots of time to talk things through


I was a zombie at work on Thurs. Tax computation was a drag for me on Thursday, merely 12 hours after i declared i loved tax computation...

I was so annoyed, i didn't care whether the manager was in and that he could see me, i was messaging. It was so shitty. Eyes hurt too

At the same time i was planning a little get-together-farewell for my Ex-Study Partner, i wouldn't be seeing her until 2008. Halfway through planning... i got sceptical, was i planning something I would have wanted if i were leaving??? Is that what she wants too? I was worried...
It was a nice steamboat dinner at Manjalara with M and PL from work; Ex-Study Partner herself and KH.

Thursday was the first day i they sent me off to the tax office on my own. It wasn't too tough. But stupid me forgot to get a receipt to IRB!!! Thank goodness the taxi driver home was nice enough to give me two receipts!!! I told him to keep the change.


I woke up late. So i missed my breakfast session with friends at work, darn! Work's taking it's toll on me.

The rays of sunlight shining through the trees at work was so beautiful, the kind of scene u see in paintings, i stopped to stare. I wished i had a camera good enough to capture that.

Friday was the day seniors sent me to the tax office TWICE in one day! Morning cab driver was nice, chit chat, and said he thought i was a foreigner cuz i was beautiful! Hahaha.

Afternoon cab driver was a bitch la... he didn't allow me to take two receipts (I figured taking two would be better for me- submit one to the company and keep one with me just in case they deny me my claim at the end of the month)

Went home early and went to bed at 8.30pm. So drained by the end of the week. Hey, i always sleep early on Fridays, ok?


She's Jess said...

you are not a mess la. don't think so much.. we all go through things in life. remember?

and try not to put personal stuffs during yr work. after all... you want yr internship to end all well right??

sue lin said...

The horrible part is i couldn't stop thinking, i had no control over my thoughts... i'm so different from what i was in SPM year.

And it was just that Thursday, really losing it at work. Things are looking up now... hope it stays this way

She's Jess said...

Hmm... yea. agree with you. Even it's when it's like.. it's all over.. still.. things just can't stop mingling in our mind.. grr...

Hope things will be all fine with ya! Take care and cheer up

Jazzy*Pam said...

Heyy, i love sweet stuff too! Most ppl would go "Ugh, too sweet" and I'd be like "Got meh?". Lols!

sue lin said...

Seems a lot better for me now, thanks Jess, for everything =)

Pam, hahaha, ya lor! Especially in drinks