Wednesday, October 18, 2006

we were once equal

Stepping into the the MultiPurpose Hall for orientation as first year students, we were all equals; Monash University students. All of us 'Monash Material'. All of us given a chance.

But throughout the semester, we start to differentiate. Some of us work harder than others. Some of us fail a subject or two or three. While others proceed to make something of themselves.

Some people make full use of the opportunities given to them while others don't... I should get back to studying soon. I wanna be part of the former.

Correction: i should START studying. Dead meat.

Anyway. Updates: Study Partner got accepted to intern for one of the better Big Fours down South. Me? Me? Feeling shit scared lor... inferior and insecure.

My interview was alright. Wasn't really an interview la: more of a chat. Normally they don't interview interns but since time permits, she wanted to see me she said.

Alamak. My whole Monday morn n afternoon went into stressing over the thing wei...

She said that they're interested in me and the other guy MP from Monash... just have to wait for human resource to call...

Thanks for asking CSC! =)


teapenguin said...

inferior and insecure? girl those words DO NOT belong in ur dictionary because as of now,i've eradicated it!that's far from what u shud feel because when it comes to work, ur really good at what u do,esp when ur not lazy, ur really not lazy..unlike me..haha also at least u know wats happening in class,how exam questions come out etc(and then 'forgot' to tell me ;(..jk i know its coz we hardly see each other)hehe,i dun!very blur as usual..ur also making effort to at least study while i sleep at home =( and hey someone had a 'chat' with the wats inferior abt that?;) insecure?nah...worse to worse if u dun get anything(highly unlike),jz have a GOOD splashing hols..its almost ur last anyway ;)but i'm sure u wud get whichever u apply for..dun forget my pens when u go to pwc ok!haha...what i'm really trying to say here is,dun beat urself up too hard, u have your blessings and strength,look at those when in times of doubt!..but whatever it is, i hope that this sort of 'competitive' stuff do not get in the way of our friendship yah!it wud be really sad!

meL.a.Nie said...

gal,whichever college or uni,watever u learn or take up,nothing is easy.but if u work hard for wat u really want,then go for it.

monash as i know is a hell place for any1 to be.hehe..expensive sial.

sue lin said...

Teapenguin, wah! Such a long comment! =)

Eh, i dunno what's happening in class wei... especially 3050 and audit...

And i spoke to the director cuz YOU introduced her to me maaaa. =) Without u i'm sooooo nothing.

Haha, ur pens. Of course, thanks 4 reminding me! I really dunno about PWC lar, called them today in d morn (9.20am)- no answer... then called them in the afternoon engaged all the way! As busy as Airasia!

Dun worry ok? The stuff won't affect la... its err... more towards productive healthy kinda competitiveness... =)
SUPPOSED to make me word harder... but i'm not really working much harder... tellible la me.

Melanie, haha, how come u started commenting everyday wan?

I agree nothing is easy... but some stuff are harder than others... like engineering. Should be harder. And law in a local uni- not open book! Can die! My law is open book, can bring in all d notes n whatever, still got ppl fail.

Ya la, Monash so damn expensive! Cannot main main retake subjects =(

typlotion said...

why all wanna work in big ass four 1 =.="" somebody come accompany me la...lolx!

supplementals said...

Equality is overrated.

erm.. what the 1st 2 ppl said, times 2. heh, as far as i know, u have what it takes :)

meL.a.Nie said...

i too tak han alredi..hahaha..

my law wasn't open book..NOT FAIR!!however,open book format is darn time consuming.u only haf dat 3 hours to find da info u need from ur notes n books n the write it down.haf to flip n flip da pages.not easy wei..

sue lin said...

Typlotion, accompany u where????

Supplementals, you're too kind la

Melanie, oh my god r u serious?! How did u do???? I still prefer open book- we just have to prepare very well... make sure the notes are easy to locate and stuff like that