Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Right Decision

Half the office empty as i came in. Nice.

Was told to go to the Nearby Tax Office again. So i went.

The moment i got back at around 4.45pm, Stressed-Looking Lady Senior (SLLS), asked me to go to the Faraway Tax Office. Its hard to say no to her, she's... kinda damsel in distress and i... kinda see myself as their little angel, the one who does the unimportant rubbish so they can go home a lil earlier. So i went.

I knew i would be late for the gathering i've been planning for weeks with my school friends at Fasta Pasta at Ikano. A lil stressed there, smsed them in advance, telling them to be at the lrt 30mins later (yah, i'm driver, have to make a detour to the station to pick them up)

Thank goodness they were understanding (duh, i am treating them to dinner as well). Got back to the office at 6.30pm (work finishes at 5.30, and yeah, while i was still on the way back to the office, SLLS called to tell me she's leaving the offive).

Cool Calm Collected Senior (CCCS) was the only one still at the office at 6.30! Chatted with him a bit. Poor guy! He had a family emergency and so he came in work late, so he has to stay back and finish his work!!! His wife was vomitting and had to take a blood test!

"But your still so calm!", i exclaimed in admiration!

And he was like "I don't like stress".

Whoaaaa, can i be like that?

Really wanted to offer some help but 3 of my friends are waiting for me at the LRT station... there was supposed to be 5 of us. One of my school friends MY , who's also working in the same co as me, couldn't make it 4 d gathering at the last minute! Her seniors needed her to stay back. Poor soul. I stopped by her for a min.

Rushed, drove over the curb, car made loud noises! I shrieked in the car! Came out and saw nothing wrong with my car... Still. Mad. Screamed "STUPID" in the open air, almost deserted carpark.

Wanted to proceed screaming "FUCK" but saw an auntie looking at me... whooops. =P

Fun having the 3 of them in my car, chatter and splatter gossip through the jam. Nice! Love them sooooo. There is so much we missed out on each other. One night is not enough!!!

Came home, showered and at 2am, i came online to blog about my day.... when a friend interning in the same company messaged me on msn...

He says: hey
He says: help!
I say : heya!
I say : why why why?
He says: man
He says: LOADs of work
He says: i'll be spending my new year up here in ___ (outstation)
He says: now i'm at client office with 3 other seniors
He says: and they told me we will spend our nite here in office
He says: we might be going back on the 2nd

Oh my god!!!! For new years we are having a 4 day weekend! If they go back on the 2nd, he has totally no holidays! WTF man! 3rd we start work!

Good thing i didnt take audit!!! Lucky i stuck with tax.

But my other friend in audit in the same co... she was happily confirming our New Year's Eve with our boyfriends... =) and some friends... =)

Upcoming posts i have in mind : Customized Daydreams , Angel , Blur Queen's History , End of 2006 Self-evaluation thing. Do tell me which one u don't wanna read, dont have time to write as much as i wanna write


Jazzy*Pam said...

I definitely wanna read that 2006 Self-Evaluation post! :D

Anonymous said...

Poor guy. Have to work even holidays. I also have to work.:P senior asked me to bring back some documents to do whatever I know.

Regarding the posts, I would love to read all...hee...

She's Jess said...

Voting for 2006 Self Evaluation too :)

sue lin said...

Pam, I almost called u Cher!

Pam, Jess, Sorry lar, not really good with putting the self-evaluation thing into words. And after reading a friends blog... the way she writes, its so wow! that i don't feel like writing la, cant compete. Maybe a resolution to be one day be like her... She's only one year older than me...

V Lisa, u poor thing too!!! I always thought one good thing about work is there is no homework... for me, so far so ghood, all my jobs dont give me homework, hope it stays that way.

Slowly la, i'll post all