Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hair // Always Late // Procrastinator

Is this hairdo suitable for an accountant in the corporate tax department??

And the wooden chopsticks used... er, it's from Sushi King. Can i use that? Or should i get a pair of sleek black ones? The problem is i can't find any sleek black ones...

Its really easy... i don't wanna spend too long preparing... on second thought, after trying to do the hairstyle again, its really hard... Good thing i took a photo of it... i love it...

Always Late

I am unexplainably unable to be on time or early. I am ALWAYS late. Never early (except for work).

Was late for my 10.45am dental appointment by fifteen minutes, the stupid 11am patient was on time. So the idiot went in first... and the subsequent patients were early too. So there was no slots free for me until 12pm!!!!!

Just cuz i was 15minutes late i ended up waiting one whole hour! I was soooo mad at myself, why do i do this to myself, why?


1. Finally searched for ice-skating classes for my sis. The thing runs from Nov 20 to Dec 17 and it only takes between a week or 2 to complete it.

Mom said no to her. I have a feeling cuz my mom's lazy to send her. Aiyohhhh, if i knew the classes only lasts a week or two, i could have brought my sis there!!! And i could have joined it with her!

Its too late now, when i finally checked out the classes, i'll be starting work on Monday, it's impossible for me to speed 20km to get home after work at 5.30 to pick up my sis and travel 20km in a different direction to the ice skating rink...

Poor girl, if only i checked earlier. I feel bad...

And when i was bloggng she came by n hugged me!!! Aiyohhhh

2. Life-saving classes! I finally called the coach. I've had his number in my phone for i dunno how long. I can still join but i'll miss the exams in March!!!!! Its so cool to have a cert in Life Saving! Shit! If only i learnt earlier!!! =(

Furthermore i need to get some sort of membership thingie to go to the swimming pool... shit shit shit, how am i supposed to get the thing from university when the darn office opens only during office hours, the exact same hours i work??? How?


Anonymous said...

Wahhh... Your sister is so cute. Hug you while you blogging. I wish my sisters do that to me but oh well. They are so big, they prefer hug their bfs and stuff animals than me le. I always have a fascination towards ice skating especially figure skating. Over here, they have figure skating competition. It is so fascinating, that I never fall asleep unless of course they catch my eyes :)

Anonymous said...

competitions shows I mean especially in the winter. Got singles and couples. If you get the chance to watch in Aus watch it :D

Jazzy*Pam said...

Love that hairdo you did! So cute! I've seen people do that but I just don't seem to able to do that style! Don't know how to. :P But anyway, my hair's short now, so can't do that anyway! Lol.
Btw, ur hair looks so healthy and shiny, unlike mine which is better now that it's short though!

supplementals said...

Hair - looks like something outa a chinese movie.

Always late - i suffer from the same disease. Make your appointments 1 hr later then when u think u can make it.

Whats a procratinator?? :p

Joey said...

And when i was bloggng she came by n hugged me!!! Aiyohhhh


Bout ur rox! But like u, I wonder if the company will be ok with it. Depends on how strict they r la I guess

sue lin said...

Sakurablossom, my sister is small, so she does these kinda stuff no matter how badly i treat her... aiyoh, i really feel bad sometimes, and i wonder if she'll still be that sweet when she grows up...

Whoa! What IS figure skating??? Sounds so fun! Even just watching it sounds fun! I wanna watch it! Especially d couples wan

Pam, Thanks! =) But I can't do the hairdo again! Don't know why... i thought i remembered the technique... =P

Supplementals, HAHAHAHA, u love the point form THAT much???

Hair- intended lar... better than boring bun. Can't do bun anyway, no hairnet, too messy without hairnet

Always late- i end up taking my time until i am late no matter what. I am seriously incapable

Procrastinator... that would be me

Joey, ya lorrr felt sooo sooo bad for not making the ice skating thing happen for her

Hahaha, if the hairdo rox, its not boring enough for the profession! Hahaa, i'll find out how strict they are tomorrow/today

Anonymous said...

i have trimmed my hair. I cannot do that already. hee...but it looks nice on you. siblings face the same problem as you. they have also dental appointment. once they go late they will have to wait wait wait...don't know till when. haha...

sue lin said...

U cut ur hair again!? I feel that its so sayang to cut!

Orthodontists so high in demand la! Hahaha, before i chose to do biz i THOUGHT of doing dentistry! Hahaha... wondering how la if i took it!

Anonymous said...

hehe...don't worry, it will still grow!!! it needs some time only. hee...i think it will be just nice when it is CNY. haha...yea..