Monday, November 13, 2006


"For ladies the dresscode is skirts from Monday to Thursday..."

What is she telling me?! I thought i was just there to collect the offer letter... why is she treating me as if i am going to work there for sure? And what IS that about skirts?

"And shoes... no open toe shoes/sandals, must cover the whole feet..."

Shit, i glaced at the offer letter, two sheets, and at the bottom was a line for me to sign. And she gave me a pen earlier on... no! I realized that they were expecting me to sign on the spot! Panic!

"But if there is a strap at the back, then it's okay", she finished.

Well, the last sentence relaxed me a bit, she's nice. Asked her if i had to sign on the spot and she didn't know, she said she'd ask her colleage/senior...

Sigh, i WAS practically FORCED into signing on the spot. They said i could still back out, just had to send an email/give them a call. But hah! As if i should do that.

Sigh again. Dresscode sucks for modern girl me. Pants preferred please!

Bummed, pissed, irritated. Until my bestfriend asked me to try on a black jacket. "It's so u", she said. Reluctantly i did.

And i gotta say, wow, i love it! It's black- the boring account colour. With long sleeves and many pockets. The part i love most about it is the hook-like-buckles instead of buttons! Formal enough, according to bestfriend. With a hint of uniqueness on it that cheers me up tremendously.

I need a little freedom, i need a little bit of style!

I just HAD to have the matching skirt... and wow, it suits me too! Knee-length skirts never liked me very much, but this one just whispers "I'll be your new bestfriend!!!"

Saleslady told me if u buy two items u'd get twenty per cent off. So i got the skirt and the jacket, one complete suit, for RM254.40.

What do u think??? I saw another outlet offering complete suits- a blazer and either a skirt or a pair of pants for RM399...

Shoes next. I started to be down all over again. I don't wanna wear those boring ones, no, not me, not your blogger. Eclipse, my new favourite did not have my size but it did provide me with an answer: boot-like shoes. =)

Hell shall freeze over before i buy and wear a boring pair of shoes. I was hell-bent on finding boots. Hehe.

Today, mom brought me shopping. And i found me boots! =) Perfecto! =) Mom agreed. And i could use it in Aust next year! =) Bye bye original Nikes or whatever, i'm not gonna buy new original sports shoes anymore, i've got boots!

=) I'm so glad i'm stubborn or i wouldn't have found my boots. Haha! RM179. From Metrojaya. Leather

Also got another pair of shoes... since they offer 50% if u buy two pairs. Mom bought one pair for herself and i bought my little boot-like shoes with a discreet and elegent bling bling buckle. RM29.95!!!!!!!!

That's all for now, maybe i'll buy one more button-down shirt but my second or third or fourth suits would be hand-me-downs from mom or Ex-Accountant Aunt. Ex-Accountant Aunt is very fashionable and vain so i've got a lot to choose from. =)

Hope it fits me!


supplementals said...

girls + shopping = scary shit.

teapenguin said...

hey wah.. i finally found my shoes too.. but not boots.. its those sharp pointy ones.. scared i look like got more power than the partner! hahahaa... waiting for u to shop for clothes.. i emailed cpa today.. hopefully my dresscode not like urs.. skirts.. not that i have anythng against it.. pants are better! hehee.. i dun think i am gettign suits tho.. so expensive.. u quite gung-ho with the suits hor! ;)

sue lin said...

Supplementals, u think that is scary??? I didnt write about another RM78 purchase =P 4items, if i wrote about it, it'd be real LONG

Teapengiun, hey, you're back! Was trying to not disturb u on your holiday, how was it? =)

Hahaha, sharp pointy ones can be very nice too, i should check out other Esarli outlets, maybe get two pairs, hehe. Crazy!

Yup, pants are better! =)

Suits cuz... i predict it would be cold in those office buildings, we'd be spending hours on end in a central cooling system, we'd start to freeze. So the jackets would be needed wan.

Call/sms me about Friday ok? =)

teapenguin said...

ahoy zer monkey..
alamak! anytime can call or kacau wan lah! hols or not! but call better coz may not have time to reply.. hehehe.. and of coz i'd love to hear from u while hanging out at the beach.. hahaa.. in the near future case, caves.. hahaa ;)

when coming to see my pointy shoes lah! ;)

sue lin said...

HAHAHAHA, i dunno how la... when u get back from Kuantan, i'l be leaving for Penang... and then when i get back u'll be leaving for Sarawak...