Friday, November 03, 2006

How many hours do u sleep the night before your exams???

Boyfriend and bestfriend are firm believers that an 8 hour beauty sleep isn't skin deep. Muah- muah on d other hand, worship the people who can sleep for about an hour before their paper. Wanna be like them la. KM, how d hell do u do it and score straight distinctions?

Anyways, i'd say i'm eh... average. I sleep 4-5hours the night before a paper.

But for law!!! Shit, i slept 7hours!!! Wasted two hours of precious last minute study time. Last minute minutes are very valuable ok?! One hour of last minute study equals 3 hours of normal study time for me. Reading speed can increase by 2 or 3 times wan.

U know during law exam today, i as i read the last question, i was like, shitttt, this sounds soooo familiar! No! It's exactly the same as what we did in class! No, I didn't read the tutorial answers!

Then, i remembered. Its open book! Hahahaha, doink, u have the whole set of tutorial answers on your desk in the exam hall la auntie.

But too damn bad the senior who prepared the tutorial answers did not prepare answers for that question!!!!! =( Arrrgh, just when i thought i could COPY during exams. Wasted la, study partner and i did the sample questions and not the revision questions which this one falls under.

After the paper i was starving! Draining la the paper. Ate so much. Fries from cafeteria and the snackplate from KFC, ate everything and drank the whole drink... but gave the bun to Z, bestfriend did the same, the quality of KFC's butter buns deterioarated tremendously la. I complained to the manager once MONTHS ago... Z, a big eater, well he's a guy, didn't eat the buns as well...

Not here to complain abt KFC, sorry. So anyway. Went home still a lil hungry (we walked abit after the meal)

Smsed boyfriend for fun. I said "I'm craving for soup la. No, OUR baby is asking for soup".

And he replied "Oh no u are pregnant. I must tell my mother"

I dunno why, but i said "Tell her for what? She's going to make soup for me ar?"

HAHAHAHA. Crapiness swallows us after enduring examinations.

Almighty Anonymous, if u've got anything to say about this, do take into consideration the fact that u haven't replied any questions directed at u in the last post yet


Zhen said...

Same here, four to five hours of sleep. Except tonight I don't need to, because it's over for me!


Waitatic, there's still Malaysian Studies tomorrow...

(BTW you've been linked :Þ)

sue lin said...

Hey, Zhen thanks!

Hahaha, won't say i'm jealous ur done with ur exams... i'm got two more papers on mon n tues. I like my papers evenly spread out.

Ur probably done with Malaysian Studies by now, but good luck! How come u in uni only u taking it???

Anonymous said...

haha, Sue Lin, are you encouraging last minute study?

Jazzy*Pam said...

Haha, usually for me, I couldn't sleep before an exam! Prolly too much caffeine, and the results only kick in AFTER I "finished" studying! Lols. And my brain will be filled with all those subject notes that i studied beforehand! Nightmare, i tell you! I'd be dreaming of all those notes and points! There's this once, I only fall asleep at 7am when my siblings are ready to go to school! Luckily the exam starts at 11am.

And lols, I'd be starving after an exam too coz usually when I'm nervous, I can't eat so I wouldn't eat at all. So after the exam, I'd be starving like crazy!!

Zhen said...

Sue Lin: 'Cos I did my A-Levels in Singapore. It was too competitive for me, so I came back home after JC. It's actually quite pathetic, ha ha...

sue lin said...

Valdez Lisa, hey! Nice name! Didn't know it was u at first. Thanks for ur comment! =)

No laaaa, not encouraging last min study... i always wish i had more time! Haha

Cher, HAHAHA, then next time drink the coffee earlier la! Good thing u got up in time!

I know a friend who is also too nervous to eat before papers... So scary! I can't do that, even if i cant eat, i FORCE myself to eat before my paper. But usually can eat la

Zhen, ohhhh, i see, i see... dun worry! At least u completed the Alevels there and entered uni here. I know someone who dropped pre-u here, went 2 study Alevels in Spore n came back to Malaysia a year later to start the exact same pre-u again.

She's Jess said...

I sleep the most during exam season. Not sure why though. And.. I did my revision like, 2 hours before entering into the exam hall. Nuts right? :p

Anyway, you might want to correct this "the senior who prepared the tutorial answers did not prepare answers "?

sue lin said...

Heya Jess! =)

Haha, its good that u are well-rested during the exam period, i'm full of caffeine. And no la, not nuts, i do my revision 2hours before the exam too.

Maybe we're both nuts...

"the senior who prepared the tutorial answers did not prepare answers for that question"...

For law subjects Monash does not provide solutions. So what we do is find a senior who wrote answered all the questions in essay form and photostat! Everyone has a copy.

What i meant by my sentence is that, the senior answered all tutorials BUT not the revision questions, which is the question that came out la.