Tuesday, November 28, 2006

NO Sun, Sea nor Sand in my Penang Trip

Yah, i was that excited about the trip.

Although it was pouring cats and dogs outside the van (u can see how dark n gloomy it is), i was still optimistic that the rain would magically stop and i can eat my Penang fried kuey teow

Yah, i have skinny arms, all my fats are in my butt. Dun make fun of my arms ok, i cam pump 3kg iron alright? 3kg on each side: 6kg in total on the bar. Hehe. I came a long way since i started Bodypump in late June

But it didn't stop raining... we had a very sad un-Penang dinner in Gurney mall food court!

And our van pratically got stuck in the carpark. Look!

It was like a thrill ride getting out of the carpark. Kena horn a lot. And got a lot of weird stares from other people in the carpark.

After dinner, we went back to our rooms. The guys went for mamak and did not invite us girls!!!!! Ishhhhhhhh, i went to sleep lonely.

My roommate entered the room at about 1am when i was half asleep... i didnt get up cuz i thought i could introduce myself in the morning.

I soon found out that she only entered the room to get her stuff and went off to sleep God-knows-where. I never even saw her face. Hmmph, talk about unfriendly! Only mixing with people from your uni.

Day 1: Excruciatinglly formal opening ceremony. Laughed when i had to stand and sing Negaraku. Its been so long.

9 boring accountants-to-be in formal wear attending a boring accounting conference. Hahaha

Pssst... i was dressed only semi-formally, u cant see my JEANS! Heehehehe. Lecturer forgot to send me the email about the dresscode, since joined in late. So i'm forgiven! Wahaha

Presentation time. KS and CJ represented Monash. Really really really funny presentation. The whole audience was laughing, and they were taking photos of him! Entertaining... he was jumping around the stage!

The other universities were all in black suits, prim and proper, never moved much.

University Malaya's speaker was shit confident. Smooth. Suave. Nothing can bring him down, not even the judges' questions. He had a hint of arrogance.

Our Monash guy... the first question posed at him by the judges: "You promise to deliver the goods to your customers within 20minutes. How do u do it?"

His answer: "Good question". Pause... Can see he can't answer, he was stalling for time, but what he said next really made the whole lecture theather roar with laughter, clap and cheer.

"That is our company's top secret. We will not discuss it with any outsiders"!

Later during dinner, i was queuing for my Penang fried kuay teow. I spoke to another student in line. He asked "Where are u from?". I answered and asked where is he from.

"University Malaya", he said.

"Congrats, u guys won the presentation", i said and smiled.

"Monash is very outstanding", he replied and i couldn't help laughing!

The girls of Monash. Before dinner.

Even after camwhoring and arriving 10minutes late, the guys of Monash were even later =P =P

They are such girls! Haha

After dinner we went for supper and then we told ghost stories in the van on the way back to the hostel.

We went to the mamak and the cc where i wrote the last post.

This is my dorm room at University Sains Malaysia, the venue of the conference.

Day 2:
Like i said in the last post, the guys kept falling asleep. MK, the in the gray shirt was also asleep. He got up just when i snapped the pic.

I saw three of them sleeping again and i thought i've got bingo: three sleeping guys in a row, but that fella, the noisy talktaive funny S woke up right when i clicked and he glared at me!

As u can see, M, guy in the checkered shirt, has been sleeping all the way... Hahahaa.

As for me and the other girls. We were giggling and busy taking pictures of sleeping guys, so of course we weren't bored la. Hahhahaha.

The trip was fun lar. Consisted a lot of behavioural observations: C and i watched the guys watch football, we watched them fall asleep in the talks and we watched them ogle at the Thai girls in short black skirts. Its like a drama, though a bit embarassing lar... but very very funny!

Me, C and S, we chatted a good deal of the journey home. Lots of laughter! =) Only got to know S early this year, and though i met C early semester 2, i hardly ever spoke to her before the trip. Its amazing how close we were on the trip =)

Accounting Student Conference 2006: CJ, KS, TY, MK, S, M, C, HC and the only girl in the whole conference who wore bright orange and Nikes! =)


Joey said...

Whoa...sounds like a fun trip! Even without the sun, sea, sex...hahaha...juz felt like saying tat.

Anyhooo...ur dorm looks cool :). Yeah, and very unfrenly of ur roomie.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a fun trip rather than attending a conference. hehe...

sue lin said...

Haha! Joey =)

Cool ar the room? Ok la, better than the guy's room according to them when i showed them the pix

Never mind la about my roomie, its just 2nights anyway

V Lisa, the first day was really tough, especially the opening ceremony. Can die. But after that not so bad and yeah la quite fun in the end