Thursday, November 30, 2006


Warning: Long boring post. It's just me thinking aloud.

What is the purpose of life? That is one question i have never asked until tonight. I mean really, i don't see anything worth looking forward to.

I'm happy here in my university life, i love it, what, only 13 hours of classes a week (that is less than kindergarteners... =) no stupid dresscode and stuff... Too bad it only lasts 3 years. Four if u wanna count pre-u.

Not looing forward to after graduation. Loathing the whole "you need experience" shit. That's when big multinational corporations use you, suck your youth away and pay u broken skinny shriveled up peanuts.

And the whole "trying to impress your boss" crap where you work and work away your weekend, where you do not take your annual leave simply because there is too much to do.

That's it, although i only scored 60 for company law i'm still sub-majoring in law. I feel that Employment law would help me as an employee.

The "acceptable dressing" angers the fashionista in me... i mean, if we were allowed to dress comtemporarily formal, i can deal. But why the hell did i choose a conservative profession that worships pale pastels and black and white?

Oh yeah, cuz i've heard that it is easier for get a PR in Aussie with an accounting degree.

But then again, the same sources told me that hairdressers are also wanted/needed, why didn't i do a degree in hairdressing? Maybe because there is no such thing? Especially not in Malaysia?

Results are out.

Straight credits
, mostly medium to low credits. Shocked to see 68 for AUDITING! My most hated subject the highest score. Law, my beloved, lowest with 60.

Maybe it has got to do with the fact that i did the mock Auditing paper for auditing about 2 hours before the exam. About 3 of the questions were identical. I don't know what made me sit down, understand and sort of memorize the answers for that paper, although just in point forms... lucky. Only for one subject though... dissapointed in law and AFW3021 big time.

Please do not say congratulations. I'd be fine and happy if u said "At least you passed all" because at least i can go to Aussie, i've met their requirement...

Oh yeah, i just found out that i could have transfered to Caufield, which is about 6km from Melbourne city. Only Clayton is a bitch to transfer to, its possible to go to Caufield. I can still apply, by email.

But do i want to? Its going to be full of Malaysians there. It's going to be like traveling all the way there to end up in Malaysia. Whats the point?

I just emailed them to see if i could have my Business Law submajor too...

Have a feeling i'd just stick with Peninsula.

These Few Days

Today(Wednesday) was dull, went to visit E at work, he's working at Borneo Ink. =) Good for him but i miss him already. He has always been the shit free one and i've always been the busy bee...

Monday was his day off and we went ice skating with LY, SL, D and my lil sis. It was fun, but already seems like ages ago...

Tuesday i went to spend some time with my ex-Study Partner, we went hiking, watched some tv and had dinner and catched up. She's holidaying in Sarawak now that lucky devil and when she gets back i'll be internshipping. A couple of days later she'll be internshipping too, down south in Singapore.

Its sad to see time take its course. Our friendship started in MKW1120 Marketing tute. That was a first year, semester 2 subject man! We're going to be third yr students soon! And our friendship would be of an online one from now on.

Mamak Time

Speaking of online friendships, on the way home from Study Partner's place i stopped by Bangsar to see Supplementals. Hahaha, 5 years since we met at camp. 5 years man, FIVE YEARS of online friendship.

The hostel in Penang reminded me about the hostel in the camp 5 years ago too. Seems like yesterday when my school friends, SY and CK invited me to the camp, we discussed it in tuition for PMR. PMR!!!! 5 years ago!

Nice catching up and good nasi lemak... and i'm really really grateful to have a Bangsar dweller teach me the roads of Bangsar. Yeah! An alternative semi toll-free, minimal-jam route home from work!!!! =)

One thing less to worry about.

Death Note

Oh yeah, and i watched Death Note with E last week. He was anticipating it and i just accompanied him. I ended up enjoying the movie, i loved it, it's really good to me! I feel like watching it again.

But he was being like one of those irritating book fans who didn't like the movie cause "the book is better". But in this case, its "the manga (comic) is better" and "the movie is a dissapointment". Ishhhhhh.

Remind me never ever to read books that would turn into movies...

Blogger for Two Years

As of today (Wednesday), 29th November... i've been blogging for exactly two years. Thank u all for your kind visits and funny/encouraging comments! =)


sue lin said...

Sendiri comment sendiri punya blog... hehe... no comments is good in a way. No need to reply! Go reply email now n then start clearing up my cupboard~

Anonymous said...

Lol... Yah I would say that at least you pass. It sounds like you have a busy busy week. Now it is my turn to die. I mean it really die :(. No time to study. No study week either. Only few days. Sigh... Anyways, back to sutyding.

supplementals said...

aww. keeping track of events eh. hey, arent i supposed to be "S" instead? haha

revel in me said...

Hmm, there are equally as many M'sians in Clayton!!!

In fact, Melbourne is just filled to the brim with Malaysians. -_-

sue lin said...

Still havent cleared up my cupboard! Hahahaha

Sakurablossom, next week i'll start work... =|
No study break????! That sucks! Have to start cramming everything early lor. All the best!

Supplementals, haha, nickname ma so its ok. =P I've written other nicknames in my post before what: like Zimbonie and Typlotion... only real names i don't write

Revel in Me, hahah, ya lor, most Malaysians end upin Melb, few go to Perth, NSW, Sydney n Tasmania. My friend who went to Sydney Uni came back with an accent after a year there!

Anonymous said...

How can start cramming everything when tons of assignments are shove into my face :'(

sue lin said...

Aiyoh, poor thing! I hate it when that happens...