Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blessed or Cursed?

X Choosing between 2 well known companies. One local and one abroad
Y Choosing bewteen two girls. One local and one abroad
Z Choosing between Prada and Gucci?

X and Y, no offence arrrrrrr, i just want to play play and laugh a bit. If u don't want anyone to know who u are, don't comment. And if u want me to remove this post contact me via sms ok?

And if Z exists... u are blessed lar... don't complain.

Ok. Enough. Maths time:
If i fail Auditing the suckiest subject, i'll have to retake it at AUD$2250
That would be AUD$2250 x 2.7945 (Reserve Bank of Australia, 2006) = RM6287.63
And then u gotta add the fact that i spent RM2750 on the subject this semester... RM2750

So in total i would waste RM6287.63 + RM2750 = RM9037.63

RM9037.63 wasted if i fail ONE subject this semester!!!

That is soooooo shitty. Going to bed now... so that i would be fresh in d afternoon to study Auditing. Yucksssss


Marcus@Home said...

Hye, no worries..I'm sure you can past that freaking subject...drink more coffee so can keep you awake to study the subject..then after that u can sleep the whole day..:)

typlotion said...

i'm both X Y and Z lolx!!

Jazzy*Pam said...

Hey girl, chill but do study and try your best. I know u're gonna make it. :)

After calculating all that above, I'm sure u've found all the motivation you need to study!! Right? ;)

teapenguin said...

hey monkey..wun fail lah! see u so good girl exam nvr go online..i summore go blog panjang panjang, reply comments all..hahaha...

how did ur paper go?update me ok..also law...tatabies

Anonymous said...

Like you mentioned.. "It's better to donate half the money you go for Aust for studies while you can actually graduate here in local."

CHARITY. Remember?

sakurablossom said...

Hey you fucking ass anonymous... The meaning of charity is to help the needy and the poor to relief their suffering not giving to some school who is making money out of student and also education is not needy or poor. It is up to the individual to have education or no. You see the scholarship is like a bit of charity but nothing to do with tuition fees due to the scholarship mostly funded by big companies. I think you should go back to elementary school and also volunteer to know what charity is before you start talking rubbish.

sakurablossom said...

And also... Without education, how are you going to get a good job to have a good salary and money to give it to charity. What do you do to be involve charity. Of course it is money right. I have a really good question for you: How much do you give to charity and how old are you and what job do you have? If I do ask this question, you probably would lie since you put yourself the I AM ANONYMOUS WHO LOVES BUTT MY ASS INTO SOMEONE BUSINESS TRYING TO DESTORY A PERSON'S LIFE AND WOULD PREFER TO HIDE MYSELF CAUSE AFRAID THE PERSON WILL KNOW ME. You see we students want to get a job to survive and when we can survive the extra will go to charity or much for you is to instead of charity you sit on your ass giving negative comments on people instead of helping people . Someone who is needy can be anyone. For a student who is stressful trying their best to graduate, as a person, we helpe them and encourage them instead of being an ass. This shows that how inhumane you are.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you, sakurablossom for commenting like that cause you dunno wat exactly happened with another girl when the owner of this blog has said something so not rigth to the gal's church mission building. wat's good on her stressing about her spending her when she can actually studies locally? like what she said, a church doesn't need that much of money when we can pray everywhere

typlotion said...

so ya mr. anonymous,u still havent give up on that particular issue ya?

So you still rather hiding behind the word and launch your attack like you're having a deprived childhood don't you?

Are you a Christian? If you like church, mention it somewhere else, or to your mother, if you want, you can even mention it in front of your father's graveyard, but not here, cause we DON'T wanna know anymore about church, from the point of view as a reader, which is me.

U saying a church doesn't need that much of money to built? Certainly i agree with you, but still, we don't want to know whether you like to pray in a expensive or a cheap church, WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW. ok, so now you are more than welcome to pray somewhere else, in your house's toilet maybe, but we are not required to know.

Leave her alone, i welcome you to challange me in any form. But still, you doesn't even have a name for me to call you. You Bastard.

sakurablossom said...

Hoohoohoo... You think I don't know whats going on anonymous. You are so wrong. You were being an ass speaking about the religion wise. Well food for thought. You see... Not everyone know much others religion than their own. That is why there is such thing as racism. You see she is just a curious cat but didn't know that she was wording it wrongly. But you, anonymous, you are one of the cause of racism. Instead of being understandable of what she is asking, you instead yell in terms of words to her instead of explaining to her. Not everyone in the world is Christian and not everyone is religious. You just step on the most dangerous zone where you creating the religion war. In blogs so far you make mistake, in real life you end up dead. And also you are changing the topic anonymous and you such a coward cause you didn't want to answer and reply my comment. Since the issue of religion is already settle between her and her friend, leave it. It is not between you and them. Its them. And also they have their own life they deal personally not like you Anonymous, dealing it in public in a mask. Shame on you cause you can't confront with your heads up with your name on it instead of anonymous. Just to let you know, I know she and her friend.

sue lin said...

Marcus, thanks! =) Yeah, i drank a lot of coffee. Gonna miss u next year la, u are like, my vending machine coffee buddy!

Typlotion, hahaha. Good for u good for u! So, tell me, how did u choose between the companies?? U can always two time the girls but u can't work 9 to 5 jobs for two companies at the same time =P

Hey, Cher, yeah, After that i did some SERIOUS last minute work! Not happy with the paper though...

Teapengiun, haha, its the least i could do already... yesterday was the day b4 exams, only went online for only FIVE MINUTES!!! I couldn't believe it myself!

Ohhhh, lookie who's back! Anonymous! Ahh, my first flame. How have u been, long time no see!? Have u read the post i dedicated to u my dear?

Ps. How do i say this nicely... didn't Jess suggest u to apologise to Mas and i??

Pps. Your usage of quotations is still incorrect. =)

Sakurablossom, thank u! U happen to be the first person i spoke to after reading that and u never fail to make me smile! I like the last part of your comment =)

Typlotion again, wah... u really visit me often ar?! Thanks man! =)

And... the anonymous said that it is NOT Christian. The fella cari pasal only lar

Anonymous said...

hi hi sue lin.. Remember me? hehe

n i understand ur curiousity about spending so much on churches.. I don't quite get it myself and I'm christian or well Catholic 2 b exact..

Good luck 4 ur exams :D

Anonymous said...

tis is 4 those who r so curious abt dat church eating up dat much of money.

4 ur understanding, the church was built on a total empty land & there was no government parties supporting the finance there.

tell me whether it is 2 much 4 them 2 use up dat amt of money 4 a 5 storeys building which can accomodate abt 5 thousands ppl?

helo!!! 10 millions for all dat including all the electronic appliances, the toilets, the paints, and ol, dat's fine alright?

y u assholes are questioning her when u didn't dig out a bloody cent 4 it?

ya, same goes 2 those on questioning y is she going 2 aust 4 her studies. are u paying a cent for it?

no.. just bloody mind ur own business la.

ppl here r trying 2 destroy de girls friendship here

typlotion said...

well, again mr, anonymous, we don't blardy wanna know about church anymore. Tell me is there anyone besides you and your dickhead parents deep down 5 feet underground which again and again mentioning about church?

Again, NOBODY IS goddamn intrested in church anymore. If yes, WE WOULD goddamn get the answer already from your 2 comments in Jess's blog.

We don't wanna know your father or your mother or your pet dog contribute a single cent to build the church you see?

Sue Lin, u tellin' me this very own dickhead is not even a christian?? then why is his/her whole family so concern about how we question the church??

Did i fucking dig out a single cent before i come out with question? Well no and i never do that, did law stated that we can't question anything we like? Well at least i didn't go beyond the limit and question about how frequent your father having sex with your Indo maid, or how many men your mom sleeps with per week. All these is your darkest secret, we respect that so we didnt ask.

Again, nobody is intrested to know how people used 10 million for. Either to build a public toilet or a brothel, it just doesn't affect us much (maybe at all?) save your time, go and have lunch with your mom, hug her, while you still can, rather than telling us how church is built and how they spend the 10 million. W-E D-O-N'-T C-A-R-E.

Questioning her about studying overseas? WELL, that does concern me much, yea Sue Lin? At least i would have another extra member to have dinner with, right? =)

You're not even a Christian, who give you the authority to speak out for Christians? Or you just trying to act smart? To show your mummy that you had grown up?? Because your-beloved-son is able to communicate with stranges over the blog???

Destroying the girls' friendship? Ahh..do you have a point for this?? Or you just trying hard to find a paragraph as a conclusion to end your "essay"? Please include bibliography as well yea?

supplementals said...

Anu is 1 bomb short of becoming a real terrorist.


sakurablossom said...

When people are curious about something anonymous, we ask. We don't sit there being a dummy and just follow people around. How are you going to succeed with that. Everyone of us has curiousity. If there is none I will say that you are too ignorant about it. Whatever going on in the girls life is non you business and you said that we are destroying their relationship? Look at what you have written first before you say that. In Jess blog, you said that we are backstabbing her well now you say that we are destroying their relationship. Hohoho... It is much more obvious you are the one who is destroying the relationship. Everyone who has written on this blog has been defending both of them and you? You just rumble down their relationship. Don't say things you mean it cause you never do. Don't try to be nice in one party than the other when you don't know the truth. So fuck off anonymous and get a life. And also why do you only mention church? How about other places such as orphans and so on? Charity is not about religion only but other people too... And I bet people know more about charity for the people than religion cause building the religion places are quite private within the community not publicity man but you anonymous is making a publicity about Christianity and strangely you aren't...

Anonymous said...

People just calm down ok calm down. It seems that our anonymous here doesn't know the meaning of forgiveness which is taught by almost all religion if i am not mistaken. Well it is obvious that many are taking religion to the extreme, and anonymous here is 1 of them. As he is now using religion as a weapon of words to fight a mental warfare that has affected much of Sue Lin, and Jess alike.

Just as sakurablossom has said it, people are inborn with curiousity arent we? Dont tell me that you anonymous is blessed with the knowledge of the universe and knowing every single thing on this planet and this universe !?!? Well i doubt that very much, because of you lack the CONFIDENCE to show your true self, you lack the KNOWLEDGE about religion human beings, makes you look like a total utter idiot.

What i am trying to say is that, anonymous here is a vengeful person who didnt like the idea of losing this mental warfare of blog flaming. It is already made clear that all is clear between Sue Lin and Jess, but is it not you who are trying to spark a fire between them causing them to have a hold a knife at each other's throat? Well i think that is what you want desperately dont you. You are filled with too much anger within you anonymous, and trying to make sure that you win this mental warfare because you are too damn kiasu.

But i would like to point out that since i use a gentler mean of writing, it seems that you dont have anything to say to me? Is this an admition to defeat? I must say that it is many victories for me then. Having hiding behind the anonymous name yet again. HAVE YOU NO BALLS? or maybe you really just have a loose pussy !?!?!

And is it wise for you to be representing the Christians? As it seems if you do, then i would say that Christians does not know of forgiveness, because there is none within you. But it is very obvious that you dont represent them because some of my Christian friends has a sense of forgiveness such as Jess. But i see none within you anonymous. Why is that so? Is that your pussy is being fisted so much that you wanna forget your sore by making others feel some shame and pain?

It is a pity that you anonymous have to bring up this issue again after it was already done with quite awhile back.

Typlotation and sakurablossom, thank you for defending Sue Lin. But i think anonymous plans is to instill anger within us. Let us not entertain his stupidity by angering ourself with such stupid person behind the anonymous name. Let us just be happy that he is trying to prove his stupidity once again within this blog.

And studies is something important in life. Are you not educated or something? i just think that you anonymous is just plain retarded. Thats all. And about charity, why cant you just stop with it. Does that church hold something dear to you anonymous? But didnt you say you are not christian? This is starting to confuse me as defend Christianity with all this statements?

Why dont you donate all you got then and this issue will be settled. Just because Sue Lin asked a question you had to go flame her till now? Well let it be, because i have reasons to believe that you are not able to defend yourself in bringing up this issue again. AND I WOULD LIKE TO ASK WHY WHY WHY DO YOU WANT TO BRING THIS ISSUE UP AGAIN?

I would love to see what he has to say about this. I shall be waiting for your reply my good loose pussy anonymous.

sakurablossom said...

Hahahah... Mas I like your response and you were right. But it is just sad that putting a relationship as friends in jeapodary because of something like that is absurd. This is what causes racism and discrimination. At least Sue Lin is trying to understand how things works which is fine. Being friends with diff religions is by putting aside the differences and respect them too but not use the differences against each other. This is the true meaning of friendship

sue lin said...

Hey Charlotte! =) pleasant surprise of having u comment here! Promise i'd visit your Blog soon. Thanks for wishing me luck, i really need it! =)

Everyone else except the senseless being known as anonymous, thanks! U have been great help! =)

Wish i didnt sleep early last night...

Anyway, i'm quite sure the anonymous would not reply... since its on the losing end.

The last time it was on the losing end, it just disappeared.

But i'm sure, one fine day it would bring up the same old issue again.

sue lin said...

MaS, thanks, ur comment is great this time! =)

Sakurablossom, thanks too. U said much of what i wanted to say.

Typlotion, your comments are always funny!

Yeah, anonymous, why don't u provide us with a bibliography and a reference list???

Let me show u how to use quotations.

Anonymous whats this about "y u assholes are questioning her when u didn't dig out a bloody cent 4 it?". No one, except me, questioned Jess and that was 25 days ago! For someone pretends to be almighty, u can't get even your facts right.

And for someone who loves butting in everywhere, u have some nerve telling MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS to "just bloody mind ur own business la". You are the one NOT welcomed here. Get off my lawn!

Get off my beautiful PINK lawn, anonymous!

Can u explain what this is about too? "ppl here r trying 2 destroy de girls friendship here".
Weren't you the know-it-all who said this "She's Jess, why do you keep such friends that don't even respct your religion? I am not a Christian but I'd like to say that, don't step away from your own beliefs." in http://sheisjess.blogspot.com/2006/10/grand-opening.html

Are u gonna do some serious explaining or are u just going to pull another disappearing act? Hm?

I just discovered u went back to Jess’s blog to sell your antics. Did u have to call her "dear pathetic owner-of-this-blog"? Aren't u the pathetic one, anonymous?

Jazzy*Pam said...

Woah! I haven't been online for a few days and wow, check out the chaos caused by a certain coward who hides behind an anonymous-mask!

Look anonymous, it's probably best that u drop the subject as you're only making a fool of yourself! If you have problems with what Sue Lin writes or says, then leave. Stop lurking around because you can certainly see that you're not welcome here! Also, u're probably not interested in education but unlike you, some of us put importance in our education and it's only natural and right for someone to want to pursue their studies at the best university, if they could afford it. Oh, what do you know anyway. I'm wasting my time explaining to you, I can see that.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Wow Sue Lin, you have got a religious fanatic on your tail. That's bad news. This one seems to be a loud obsessive compulsive. Anyway, take care.

sue lin said...

Hey Cher, thanks for the effort! Really appreciate it =)

What are u doing currently ar? I know u completed ur course and resigned from ur last job... but don't really ur plans from then on

Chuang Shyue Chou hey! =)
Yeah, one semi-psycho. Sigh. A lil upseting but at least i can still wag my tail, figuratively.

typlotion said...

update your blog la!! sien..

Anonymous said...

She wanted to update but she is still waiting for that good for nothing pussy anonymous to reply us!!!

Sooo i think she might update soon enough after her 2nd paper....

sue lin said...

Typlotion, ok laaaa, but nothing interesting i can say... no time 2 write long long wan

Mas, so smart one after my 2nd paper