Friday, November 24, 2006

5 minute Post

I'll just type for five minutes straight, whatever comes to mind, rushing off to see E for a few minutes before driving to Sunway, where i'll park my car for the weekend while i'm at Penang.

Penang! Yayyyy, sooo excited!! There'll be 4 and a half hour talks tomorrow and on Sunday but today it's pretty much free and easy.

Our lecturer is sooo sweet, she noted that there isn't any dinner provided for today so she requested for Monash to give us an allowance fot dinner today! And Monash agreed! =) And we can talk to our van driver to drive us somewhere to eat! =) =)

About my internship, i'm doing tax la. Since i already signed with them, they forced me to sign on the spot remember? They said their document is only a page long and insisted on answering my questions then and there.

Anyway, i think i'll do tax now so that i know what tax is all about. When i graduate, i can either go for Audit for my 3 stupid donkey years for experience, or, if i really like what i learnt about tax in my internship, i can straightaway go into tax

5 minutes is up! =) See ya Sunday night. Or maybe Monday.

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