Monday, September 25, 2006

Monash Ball 2006:

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Could still smell the hair spray in my hair as i killed myself in Fitness First on Saturday. In front of me was N, the main organizer of the ball. Further in front was K, my classmate who the instructor of Bodypump. Just another day at the gym, the day after the ball. The magic is lost.

So distant... yet so fresh in my mind! =)

The narcissist side of me emerges! 3 and a half hours getting ready for the ball. Whoa. Did i really take that long? Mom took the pix, she loves me! Too bad i'm too shy to pose when i'm with her. Unlike bro...

Ohhh, love this hairstylist! Been doing hair with her for the past 3 proms/balls. Simple, fast and cheap, my do cost only RM21. Shortly after date arrived! With some foreign student friends who needed a ride. 4 guys and i'm the only girl in the car! Hahah. Weird.

Even with bad traffic, we got there real early. Chilled at the cafe, 5 of us. Date asked, want a drink? "No", i replied, assuming i had to pay, what to do i'm a modern girl! =P

Only when he said, "My treat", i said "ok!!!". Hahaha. He noted the sudden change of mind! I just laughed la. Nice iced cappucino! Hehehe, should have taken a pic

Wait wait wait, cuz DL, who has our tix checked into a room n was still getting ready. Saw my secondary bestfriend at the ball, either she pretended not to see me or she didnt see me or my make-up made me unrecognizable. She didn't so much as look in my direction me. In fact, she looked away. And her date is someone she swears she has no feelings for for about 2 years now. He didn't say hie to me either. But he probably didn't recognise me, he looked damned blur.

Who cares!?

Went to DL's room. Was expecting some student rate dump, but guess again! Total utter coolness, damn it, the picture is Date's cam n not in mine. DL and 4 other guys were dressed in suits and ties and they were at this long table playing cards ala casino!

Told us to take a look around the suite. So Date and i did. Camwhored too! Wahaahah, check it out.

Look at our smiles, just look at it! Being on the couch automatically makes u smile that way!

So soooo much fun!

Hehehe, he sat there and i pointed the camera and said "Pretend to be some bigshot business man!".

Look at this!
His n hers toilets! And there is a jacuzzi too! But didnt get a pic of that.

Soon after the girls were ready and we left the room and to the grand ballrooml! No goodie bags for us fashionably late superstars!

My Date requested swapping dates for this picture. So he's with DL's girlfriend, the very stunning JL from TAR College and i'm next to the 'head of the casino table', DL.

Pictures of the others at our table for ten is not in my camera... and i'm really upset to learn that the picture of the Monash Cheer Team captain YM, her boyfriend M, DLYS and her date J did not turn out! =(

But this one turned out really well! =)

SC and i. I'm so glad she pulled me to the ice sculpture for our photo. The ice is of the Monash University Student Association (MUSA)'s logo! Super cool. Loving the night.

Next. Bloggers!
Blogger JT and i! =) Super sweet and nice girl, she booked my airline ticket for me and we're flying off together on the 12February! Future Monash University Peninsula Campus girls.

When hunting for people to snap pictures with i caught sight of another blogger, MUSA's Publicity Officer, i called out "J! Take photo" and he said "Ahhh, Sue Lin, my childhood friend!"

Photo is from his cam, mine turned out bad. But this one is soooo good, since we were looking at my camera and not at his, this picture has the 'we're-superstars-and-everyone-is-taking-photos-of-us effect!' Hahahaha

Aiyoh, soooo sooo sad that i didn't see Miss Publicity Head of Monash Business Club or her boyfriend that night! So sad. She's a blogger too =(

The whole night is about taking photos! Regret not taking a photo with the Monash King, his nickname is King, cuz he claims to be "the king of the world" and we call him King, thinking that his name really is King... know that fella from the Cheer Club! Hahah. He performed the talent part well, he danced and striped, and when he striped, he even took off a bra! Funny

The next photo is of three Cheer Club members: Me (who can't dance), HM who doesn't have the body of an anorexic but can dance really shit well, she performed for the ball but i must have missed her performance =( and my beloved Monash bestfriend DLSY. B, if u are reading this your lil sister is a shit good, hot dancer!!!
That's me, me Date and an intruder in purple! Hahaha, just kidding, R's a friend to the both of us so took a picture together. Her boyfriend took the photo, poor guy, kena bulllied again! Haha

Top left: Sort of study partner KH, really scary guy... cuz he's so hardworking! Been meeting him in university every Sunday for the past two weeks to do assignments!
Top right: Tiny and cute ST, one of the few Ausmats left in Monash. She eats like mad but she's forever slim!
Bottom left: Head of security for the ball, ex-president for CPA Accounting Club, CM. Love this guy! HW, if u are reading this, ur boyfriend is sooooo kind hearted and generous with knowledge! Love him!
Bottom right: My Date again, ignore him! Haha, the guy sitting down is crappy crappy L, President of the Christian Fellowship. Used to hang out quite a bit in the first year.

In the picture below, my Date and i, and H,this super friendly Malaysian who is from Singapore! He's funny and REALLY good at remembering names and faces!
DLYS again, K and i! Ever so polite K. Going to miss seeing u every Saturday at Fitness First next year!

My Date had to leave at around midnight. Dun laugh at Mr Cinderella, he has a trip to Melacca the next day! Haha. A picture of us together.

Love the lights, makes us look like movie stars! Before leaving he gave me a handshake (cuz he's friends with E). And then he kneeled down and kissed my hand!

Malunya, but DLYS said "Wah so nice!" and she wanted it too so he did it for her, and i feel less stupid! Hahaha. My Date's a gentleman! Haha, i find it weird, in this modern world.

During dinner, when we were eating, the was a slow song playing n he asked me if i could dance. Eh... i've taken classes 3 years ago but threw it all out the window, but u know your Blogger, she likes adventure, so she said "Simply dance la".

Then he asked me to dance! A bit shocked la, as much as i love adventure, normally they open the dance floor only at the end of the ball (trust me, it's my 4th Ball... actually it's my fifth), so i conveyed my concern since i dun wanna be a dungu dancing there.

So he went up to ask! Too bad, i was right, dance floor ain't open.

The dance floor opened RIGHT after he left. DLYS was the one who coaxed me into staying longer, she offered me a ride so that i wouldn't have to depend on my Date. The first song was a slow song and she danced with her date.

I felt shit out of place man! So lonely. I missed E terribly. And i wanted to call my Date to bring me home- he probably hasn't reached his car... i called once. Twice. Three times. Line busy. =( I sat down at the closest chair i could find. And started to sms E loh... Hahaha.

Thank God, for me, that they only played one slow song! Hehehehe, then just butt into DLYS and her date. She welcomes me wan. But try to leave them alone a bit and went to CM's group. And then back to DLYS... and then onto the stage, danced in a circle with some of the new cheerleaders... =)

The crowd started to thin down... and my feet started to KILL... and then they announced that it was the last song...

Ah. It was wonderful relieving the night writing this post. I blog as if i were writing in my Diary, engraving my memories on paper, i mean online. Though it's a night i wouldn't forget, i wouldn't remember everything in minute detail. Love Blogging =)

Free gifts! From Forever 21. They allowed us to take a few so i got one for myself.
One for my bestest study partner L who wasn't there that night.
One for WS who helped me put on my make-up (DL told me i looked chun and YM said i looked so preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety).
One for DLYY who skipped class and accompanied me shopping for the ball, she also dressed up my Date for me, she lent him a coat and a vest =).
One for C, her bday is coming soon. Hahaha =P She's been a great friend for about 5 years now.
My Date helped me get a J for my lil baby sister!

Last but not least, me! Un-photoshopped, nothing.

Ok a little photoshop but just cleared the background... don't want the photoframes of uncles and aunties in this pic!

Hope u had as much fun reading this as i did writing it! =)

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sakurablossom said...

Wow... I feel so realistic being in your shoes. I only been to a ball once which was my last day of high school and thats it. Kind of sad. But oh well. Thats a really nice ball there. Feel like going to a ball and dress so nice and make myself beautiful. But never happen after 2 years in univiersity. Sigh.. And now I am third year liao. Hhaha... Anyways, glad to hear you had fun :).

Anonymous said...

WAhh!! So happening! Love your make up gurl! Has a mysterious look to it.

EH, can't believe u also know SooChing! we're good buddies since secondary school. what a small world this is.

*momo.berry said...

You look GORGEOUS girl!!! omg, these pictures made me miss all of you soO much. you, dawn, david, jared, kevin, zeng zhi (was he there?) =/ wish i could've gone to the monash ball, seems like evyone went ;)

Jacqueline said...

Ohh... my....

Jason was ur date? then I was 99% saw u in that day... Din noe that was u!!! Really dun look like u leh!

sue lin said...

Sakurablosson, thanks again! =)

Yeah, every girl ejoys making themselves beaitiful. Your uni has no ball for u all to go to???

I went for my school's one twice, one for my pre-u, one Sunway Ball last year, and this one...

Sassy, thank u!!! Bestfriend did my make-up!

Wow, what a small world! Just got to know Soo Ching this year, I'll ask her about u when i see her next! Hahaha.

Thank u Momo.berry!!! =) We miss u too! But not everyone went, or at least i didn't see ZZ.

U went lsat year right???

Jac hahaha, really that bad ar? I dun look like me?! Wow, ok! Didn't know u know Jason. Haha! I dun remember seeing u or anyone who looks like u lar that night, didn't see kiasi girl wearing specs =P

99% sure cuz i was trying really hard to look at everyone to make sure i dun ignore anyone... i even waved at many people i dun know... =P Oops

soo imm said...

girl u look so stunning!!
reminds me of ausmat night ahhh...
haha looks like so much fun! n u even know hsien liang! and yep, tat's the david i noe haha.

sue lin said...

Wahhhh, why everyone knows someone? Small world!

Soo Imm, thank u soo much! It was fun! Ausmat night seems just like yesterday. And how do u know Hsien Liang and David??!!

Joey said...

Wow!! Nice pics. And u looked great! Honestly :)

And it sounded like u had a great time :)

Missing u here

Jacqueline said...

Hahaha!! I saw u snapping pics that time... Yah! U didnt look at me... U were busy with pictures!! I didn't know thats u.. thats why didn't call u lor...

Errmm... Actually I dun really know Jason lar! He simply too famous in Int Mkt and Int Mgt class... I think EVERYONE who is taking Int Mgt now, knows JASON! Hahaha!!!

Jazzy*Pam said...

Looking great, gurlie! ;)

Great pictures! Glad you had so much fun!

sue lin said...

Hey, Joey, thanks! It WAS great! =)

But... u so busy in UK until no time to blog, still got time to miss me ar? Haha, so touched! Missing u too!

Haha, Jac, wah, so really got someone cannot recognise me!? Haha!

Oh yeahh, Jason said in Int Mgmt, lecturer keeps picking on him n calling him right?

Cher, thanks! =) And it WAS so much fun, glad i went!

Why never contact me when u came to KL ar?

valeriest ~ 琪 said...

Sue lin !!! You were in purple !!! And you looked great !!!

Love your handbag !!!

Patchay said...

Hihi...More monash ball pics... visit Thank you.

supplementals said...

wow. newest longest post evAA! eh, y u hide the butterfly la.

cHriS DioR said...

wow gorgeous!! ;)

by the way, the hairstylist looks very familiar.. she looks like d one who takes care of my mum's hair.. the salon located at tmn midah?

bea said...

pheeewww wheeeett~~ pretty wey.. hehehe... yah, she's a damn good dancer.. wish i am too.. hehehe... [i am lar, in my dreams] >.<

sue lin said...

Hey Valeriest! Hahaha, yup, purple! =) Thanks! The bag is from Petaling Street! Hahaha, It costs only RM20

Patchay arrr, i recognise u but dunno ur name. =P Why are u advertising your blog in my blog ar? Cannot like that! Must follow procedure

Must introduce yourself first (then must say good things about me or my blog) and then only ask ppl to visit u wannnnn! Hehe

Supplementals, haha, yeah, very very the long ar! Didn't realize it. No time to look for something that shows my butterfly la, so last minute only i decided to go

Thanks Chris! =) Yeahhhh, u got that right! U go to her too? Or your mom? She likes to cut hair until very short wan! Hahaha

Bea thanks! Eh, u are not a dancer like her ar? I thought all 3 of u sisters are.

She told me among u guys, she's the shortest! And she's already so tall!

cHriS DioR said...

it's really her! haha..

my mum always go to her.. wash & blow thr for years already.. while my bro will go thr to hav his hair cut :)

what a small world.. haha

Patchay said...

hahaha...sorry sue lin.
not advertising la. i'm patrick first year business. thanx for visiting my blog hehehe see ya around in uni.

Bea said...

nolar.. just the two of THEM are dancers.. hahaa..
mom say me too healty when young, no need to dance.. hahaha...

sue lin said...

Chris, haha, yeah, it really is a small world! Two of my other friends recognised some of my fiends from the photos too!

Patchay, haha, thanks! Now i remember, we were introduced before! But didnt u are in1st year.

I'll link to your Blog! Do u want me to link to u as Patchay or by your name??

Bea, too healthy so no need to dance? Haha! Like that also can!

My sis is also a dancer, she's only 8 n she's been dancing ballet for 6 years d! I wasn't allowed to learn when i was younger

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhh such good response .... dam good

jMs said...

wat an amazing trip down the room... keep those pict rollin... say cheeezz

sue lin said...

Mas, some of them commented twice. And i commented many times!

Hey Jms! Thanks for the visit and the comment!

Hard for me to keep the pix rolling cuz i'm more of a descriptive person than a camwhore. Besides not like i go out clubbing or to such places that warrant lots of dressing up and make up. I'm more of a simple gal.

Unlikely that u'd read this but i feel like typing it out anyway!

Daniel Tan said...

hi sue Lin, could u check out my blog? There's a reply on ur question. Thanks.

sue lin said...

Daniel, thanks for your comment, already checked out your Blog