Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Now i shall promote milk

Milk, helps u build strong bones. When milk is drank at lunch, there is a higher intake of several critical nutrients including zinc and vitamin A. A recent study shows those who avoided milk were tended to be more likely to experience fractures and be overweight (Milk Delivers, 2006).

I'm just crapping... and the referencing is for fun, cuz i was stuck after "Milk, helps u build strong bones", couldn't really come up with crap about milk.

During exam periods, my milk intake increases tremendously. Lots n lotsa milk for me! =)

Not cuz of the above benefits, but cuz "I NEED MY DRUGS!!!!!!"
* shouting with boodshot eyes like a mad woman *

The drug is... black powder... best mixed with milk and sugar... and water of course. Produces aroma when freshly brewed.

Coffee's my drug.

And i like it creamy! Can take it black, but will needalotof sugar. So of course, your typical girl would pick the less sweet option: lots and lots of milk, minimal sugar (but its presence must be felt la of cuzzie)

Time for my cuppa! Haha

Ps. Regarding Saturday's topic, a friend, who is a national athlete, wrote a great post on diets. With advice from a trainer.


supplementals said...

got milk? XD

Marcus@Home said...

Milk!!! No, I think I stick to coffee..we are real coffee addicts.

typlotion said...

stick to chivas la

Anonymous said...

if i can advise you something is that not to get so excited on milk, it's not that good afterall because it rinses out the good lime in your bones. water is what you should drink at your age(you said you were a student), it will decontaminate your organism and support your metabolism. also you said you go to gym frequently, you perspire alot i guess,and so you should refill your organism with water. i would agree on that milk if it was an intake from breast(the milk is non-comparable to the one you could buy at stores), although i think that you are to old for a breast intake :) no offence.
have a nice day,bye

supplementals said...

lol, mr anu gets off writing shit here. Multiple orgasms mr anu? go suck on ur moms tits u annoying bastard.

Anonymous said...

eh..? on what basis would you call me a bastard?

quote: lol, mr anu gets off writing shit here.

where was i writing shit, explain please.

quote: Multiple orgasms mr anu?

i dont quite understand what you mean saying that, although i know who im talking to at the moment.

quote: go suck on ur moms tits u annoying bastard.

if Sue Lin will take it as an offence then im sorry for that, i didnt mean that, thats why i put a "no offence". it was meant to be a joke.

afterall i find you very vulgar supplementals.

Joey said...


This anonymous thing is getting old.

supplementals said...

oh the dodginess. lol, old indeed. i shall not taint dear baybeetea's blog. whats ur email add? i'll explain everything to you via email. dont bother replying if your not gonna give it to me.

sakurablossom said...

Mmm... I think this is a diff anonymous guys. Aren't you Tom that is from Jess blog? Sorry... Cause there has been an anonymous that has been attacking Sue Lin. I hope you understand.

sakurablossom said...

Her friends are defending her from anonymous that has been attacking her.

Jazzy*Pam said...

Yeahh, I don't think it's the same anonymous. Or if he/she is the same one, I don't think he/she is insulting or being offensive. Clearly this anonymous isn't out to insult Sue Lin, just stating his/her opinions...

Anonymous said...

sure i can give you my email adress its not a big secret (drazuldan@hotmail.com), anyway it felt weird to get attacked all of a sudden by you supplementals.
sorry for all the confusion to everyone, ehh.

Anonymous said...

Sakurablossom: yes, i understand, no biggie.

im off, take care.

sue lin said...


Supplementals, er... its organism, not orgasm. What have u been doing lately to mistake the word, man?!?! Haha!

I really appreciate u defending me but... i think u've got the wrong anonymous la, this one's NOT Almighty Anonymous. The current anonymous's writing style is different, far better than Our Old Friend. =)

And also, unlike My First Flame, this anonymous uses quoatations well. Furthermore there is no mention of the same old issue the Lifeless Fella was so gung-ho about.

So calm down alright? =)

Marcus, haha, i know, we ARE! Ahhhhh, but as of today, no more coffee for me for some time! There's no need to sleep late unless i'm out or online! Yay, exams over 4 me. 3 more to go 4 u. It'll be over soon, good luck!

Typlotion, dowan la, chivas=alcohol=fattening! Hahah. And expensive lar.

Anonymous, i am really sorry for the mistaken identity and i am glad u understand. =) I am NOT offended and i would reply to your first comment now as i would if none of the misunderstanding took place:

Good lime. Hmm... never heard it, would just assume ur statement is related to the "too much of a good thing can be a bad thing" theory. =)

Yup, i love water! And i'm 20... turning 21 in 4months! Do share if u know more about increasing metabolism for 20 yr old females! Hahaha

About breastmilk, i had lots n lots of it as a baby! So i'm good to go lar. Haha

Hopefully Supplementals didn't make u swear to stay away from my blog... =( And u don't happen to be Tom from Jess's blog, do u?

It IS getting confusing...

Joey, hey. Hm... so i guess Supplementals isnt the only one who misunderstood...

Sakurablossom and Cher, thanks girls! U two have been great!

Joey said...

Actually, I meant this whole arguing-with-anonymouses-and-anonymouses-not-revealing-their-names is getting old. :D

I better retreat now, dowan to cause a big hu-ha. take care, girl

She's Jess said...

there is such thing as orgasms la sue lin.

opsss... anonymous got attacked wrongly.. cannot blame though...

sue lin said...

Joey, though... most anonymouses are, u know... not very nice, its still NOT right to treat them ALL badly la... yeah, well, it IS confusing since they all carry the same 'name' but still...

Er Jess, yeah... there is such a thing as orgasm. But the anonymous in this post wrote 'organism' which supplementals mistook as 'orgasm'...

Anonymous said...

"A little bit of explanation."

Well, I don't know how you figured out my name. I think it's just coincidence that has got to do something with "Jess's blog"?

As for not revealing myself, I got no purpose for staying unknown. Why would my name matter so much? I think, that it's my humble opinion the most important in here. Especially, that I found that blog randomly browsing the internet, so I won't be going around: "Hello, my name is Tom", because that kind of information is just waste of my keyboard and your eyes.

I think that as long as I type in a non-offensive way, without any personal attacks, it's all good. I assure friends of Sue Lin that my intensions were friendly, so there is no particular need to bark.

I haven't had any problems with posting anonymously so far and I do it because it's a convenient and fast way to write a quick post whilst visiting someones that you don't know blog. It's the first time that happened to me. I don't quite understand how you managed to read an organism as an orgasm - quite similar spelling, ain't it?
I'm very sorry that it made so much of mess here, couldn't predict it.

Moreover in reference to the first post it's all true, believe it or not, I don't care. The milk part in the end you could say it is offensive but I put a "no offence" hence it's not.

Sorry for everything, bye.

Anonymous said...

*shame* My most sincere apologies to this mr anu. Wrong place, wrong anu. sry man. Thought u were the other anu. Nthn wrong with ur comment, just had a bad day and read it wrong. I take back everything i said.

I did mean to say orgasm tho :p

supplementals said...

erm.. that was me. dont know how it got anufied

sue lin said...

Anonymous, hey again. Really didn't expect YOU of all people to apologise, u didn't have to.

Don't worry, its just a misunderstanding, it happens. =) The previous anonymous was the one who made a mess.

Its nice to have your humble opinion here but... may i suggest you sign upfor a blogger account? Well, since u comment a lot, it might not be a waste of time to get an account... just a suggestion

Supplementals, thanks for apologising, man! =)