Thursday, October 07, 2010

Koh Tao ! ! !

So I left Bangkok on my own 12/8/2010, the bus ride took 7hours, i slept almost the whole way. Arrived in Chumphon at 3-freaking-am. The management said anyone can sleep in this room

Wrote in my daily diary and summed up my Bangkok spendings. Set my alarm and picked a spot with the fan. Kinda cold! Haha, but i fell asleep and woke up with the room all empty!

I woke up before my alarm and everyone was already boarding the boat! Rushed out without brushing my teeth or washing my face, didnt get to pee either, so i used the toilet on the boat

Different from the boat i took from Port Klang to Pulau Ketam... The boat was full and the seats are tiny, i slept the whole 3 hours on the boat. There were dive school touts selling dive packages on the boat. The ang moh couple a few seats from me was purchasing a package...

I've booked mine online after spending 3 days researching and comparing dive package prices in Malaysia and on Koh Tao. Upon arrival, i saw many people holding up signs for pick up to their dive school, many dive school names were familiar from my research... i looked for mine and felt so relieved when i saw:

Scuba Junction, for Sue Lin =) Yay! Hahah
The main road goes through villages that resemble Malaysain villages, after all Koh Tao is 500km south of Bangkok

Koh Tao is halfway to the border of North Malaysia so there are plenty of resemblences

Look! There's even a Kancil! (Malaysian made car, the same model i own =)

Checked in. The receptionist showed me to my bungalow (Malaysians call it a challet but Thais and Cambodians call them bungalows)

Mine's the first one up front =)

Cute huh? Like a little kampung house

Only 400 Baht a night normal rates but becuse i took a dive package, i get it for 50% off =) Only RM21 a night

Cosy, just the basics =) If i had someone to share with it will be only RM10 a night!!! That's AUD3.4, USD3.3... less than 2 British pounds, about 2.50 Euros?!

Just nice for two. Two towels. Since i was alone, i used one towel for 3 nights and the other one for the last 3 nights. Hahha

My toiletries take up a lot of space in my bag. They're important! I had some acne breakout in Bangkok, huge pimples on my forehead but just after 24hours on Koh Tao, my skin cleared up! Pleased that my skin stayed clear even 2 months after my dive trip! =)

My dear cousin from Singapore would say no to this basic toilet without hot water. Crazy me on the other hand, loved it so so much, the cold showers were refreshing, especially on my first day, after the overnight bus and boat ride.

And yes, there is no flush, u need to pour water down manually, but wtf, its f*ing RM20 a night =) =) =) Sorry but i get excited and thrilled with cheap good places!

There's a table outside, i brought it in, and cleaned it, it was really dusty. My sports shoes, slippers and heels! My PADI Open Water Dive Course manual on the table =)

I was starving and headed out for lunch! Picked Sairee Cottage not far from my accomodation

Had Thai Green curry and rice for 110bht, drank mango lassi (icy milkshake) for 90bht (expensive!)

Self timer shot before my food arrived =) It was blissful

Bought my return bus ticket to Bangkok for 700Bht and strolled along Sairee beach
This is exactly how holidays should feel like =)

Stepped into one of the shops and walked through to the other side, really cute with the beach view and rocks.

Reported to the dive school at 4pm for a briefing and to watch videos as part of the course =) I almost fell asleep watching the videos. After that i went for a walk on the beach

A couple of Thai girls were on the beach taking photos, they spoke to me in Thai, mistook me as a local. Hahha, they asked me to help them take photos and in return, i have this awesome pic! =)


Joey said...

Oh, I like the self-timer shot. It looks like one from a holiday brochure. You look so serene.

Will you be blogging about you diving experience later?

Sue Lin said...

Hie Joey! Thanks for the compliment =) It was serene but a little too warm

If we one day get to travel together i'll take great shots of u =P Hahaha

Of course i'll be blogging about it all ! =) It just takes me forever to get down to it! Though i think after November life's gonna be routine and so i can slowly blog

Joey said...

Oh, I'll hold you to your word, then :D Kekeke...

I know what you mean. There's always so much to write and so many photos to select from. Can't wait to read ém :)

Patrick ho said...

Hallo sue ...long time didnt visit ur blog.Aha,u travel alone,isnt it boring?kinda weird i never travel alone myself...

Sue Lin said...

Joey exactly !!! I'm trying to at least draft my story as soon as i can so that i wont forget what i want to say. But it takes so much effort!!!

Patrick nope, not boring. Even in KL i am not bored, i always find things to do. Its only when i have to do something i am forced to do that i feel bored. This is only my second time traveling alone, u'll meet new people which is so much fun