Monday, September 06, 2010

Bangkok City Tour

Day 2, after breakfast, hopped on the BTS to Surasak, our meet up point

B's ex-boss, M was nice enough to bring us around. So my Bangkok tour was in a Mazda 3 =)

We did the walking tour first, around the area they used to work.

There's this boat temple

Really unusual, and surrounded by high rise buildings. I wouldnt know that behind this place is a river

B and i. Made a small donation of 20Bht (i think) per person to get fish food (the orange bucket) to feed fishes.

B and his ex-boss, M. She's really nice. Has her own business. So cool, to be able to just bring friends around on a Tuesday afternoon!

The fishes, feeding them will bring u luck

Majestic architecture

We went for lunch at 11.30 to beat the lunch hour crowd

Part of Bangkok city, we turned into a lane

Where they used to eat when working there

Reminds me so much of Lebuh Keng Kwee in Penang, but much larger.

Empty cuz we were early for lunch =) The place really filled up with people dressed in formal wear later on

Sticky rice and chilli! Makes me hungry... why didnt i stick to my no food pictures on my blog policy?

Tom yam and papaya salad was so good. I normally dont eat papaya... Shit, hunger strikes...


Isya said...

they have really nice temples there.

and omg, tom yam.... i love love love tom yam <3 i always plan to serve tom yam at my wedding. hahahaha

ying2 said...

Haha..I feel hungry also after I saw the tom-yam photo...^-^ so yummy..must try it when we go to bangkok next month^-^

Deb said...

I've forgotten what Bangkok looks like. I just realized I haven't been there since 1995.

G was there about two years ago and she was telling me it was sad cuz we used to have two uncles living there with their family. Now we only have one left and even he's very very old. My other granduncle passed away in a car accident with his wife and kids. So going back to Thailand is always bittersweet for my family.

Thanks Sue nonetheless!

Sue Lin said...

Isya sounds like ur wedding will be fun! Don't forget to send me an invitation! =)

Ying2 yikes i dunno if i can remember how to go back there. Not sure how to order... but i think we can simply do it! Hahah

Debs whoa, 1995? Thats a long time ago. Even in Malaysia 1995 and now, the difference is HUGE. Sorry to hear about ur Uncle and family. And thanks for what?

Jacqueline said...

I miss Thai's tomyum!! Indo's tomyum s*cks...

Sue Lin said...

Really?? I just had tom yam in Old Town, it sucks too!

Jacqueline said...

Yea... I dun like old town's tooo! Bangkok's is perfect... But u have to get the nice 1 at Pratunam back lane, sells by a bald man... 100bath per bowl... YUMMERS!! XD