Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Koh Tao Day 2

That's my dive school =) The staff who work there drive motorbikes to work. Its such a small island

From the side view, there's this wooden area, always under a lot of sunlight, with many people. I normally sit inside, on one of the free computers with internet to update my Facebook =P

When u are on long term travel, u have to do the laundry for sure! Send my plastic bag of clothes to a shop nearby for 40baht a kg. The front row of clothes with the pink tee and the red dress is mine =P

2nd day on the island, walking back to the dive school after morning theory and lunch =)

Lots of stalls selling beachwear. I bought 2 sarongs =) one "red and black" and and one "blue and green"

After dinner with my dive buddy, i went to the dive school to do some reading for the Open Water Dive Course. My room's lights are dark so i chose to study outside

Ended up camwhoring before reading! Hahaha

Love this shot =) Read up a bit and the noticed something in the distance!

Hahah, i left my books on the table there and went for a stroll along the beach! Watched the fire dancers in awe!

Walked further and observed the crowded restaurants. For a moment i wished i wasnt alone but after a while, i started to enjoy my 'me' time =)
Also the camera makes a good companion

Stood and watched more of the fire dance after my long stroll to the end of the beach. The fire dancer, Kuzo (ahaha, i know Thais have weird nicknames, wait till i tell u about my white water rafting guide's nickname), so the fire dancer was nice and asked if i wanted to try!

I did, but without the fire, hahaha! I practiced for quite a long time and didnt finish my reading for the next day. Oops, i got scolded by my dive instructor!


Joey said...

You know, I'm so happy that you decided to travel alone. I know it must have been hard, but you did it so well and it looks like you had quality "me" time (besides taking in all the sights). A well-deserved break :)

BudmanB said...

You look like you are having a good time:-)
I would like to get to know you ?

Jacqueline said...

I love your explorations... :)

Sue Lin said...

Joey hahaha, there wasn't much choice. You wouldn't believe how many people i asked to come travel with me, and whatever reason u can think of, i've heard it!

Have to agree, it was good "me" time =)

BudmanB, yeah it was a good time =) Thanks for the comment

Jacq awww thanks =) Glad u love it =)