Friday, December 10, 2010

Eating in Bangkok

On our first night in Bangkok (Oct 2010 trip), we ordered different things from street stalls along the way home and shared just to get a taste of everything. While waiting for our food at one of the stalls, we noticed their electricity supply

Maximum utilisation!

We ate at restaurants in the mall too

My tom yum wasnt good and it was expensive =( Dinner in the food court sucks as well. Never bother trying Thai food court food.

KFC green curry is good. McDonalds... i liked the spinash pie, weird since i am not a veggie person!

Street stalls are the best to me =)

This lady cooks really good food, we had a feast! Had to wait long for a table but it was worth it, we came back the next day but she was closed =(

I wanted to order a coconut but was worried, how do you hold them while eating? YY knew better, because of where she was sitting, she saw this

To be used this way

Hahah, we laughed so much! Each coconut costs 20Baht. Cool and so so sweet, only RM2.10.

In KL you'll need to pay RM3 at the very least =( About 9 years ago i used to get coconuts on the way home from school. Back then it costs only RM1.80

Another favourite of mine, noodle soup!!!!

Love it love it love it! Usually 40 Baht. And the stalls that sell them always have various types of chilli and SUGAR (the white powder in the picture below)

Such a sinful trip, so much shopping and eating =)


Elwyn~! said...

Looks like a fun trip~! the number 4 is just a nice number for this trip. hehehe. looks pretty awesome.

Sue Lin said...

Yeah it was a good girly trip