Thursday, August 06, 2009

Krabi Last Morning

Krabi time (or maybe the whole of Thailand, i don't know) is one hour slower than Malaysia, so when i set the alarm at 8am, i actually woke up at 7am! HAHA

Doesn't matter, more time in Krabi before our flight at noon! Had the complimentary breakfast with the rest and then E wanted to ride the bike a bit before returning it

Parts of Krabi is still quite ulu and undeveloped

We rode to this area where we passed by on Day 2 while looking for petrol kiosk. Its breathtaking!

I wanna go there! Pout pout pout =(

Camwhored by the beach

Half posing, half candid shot

He thinks he's so cool! Haha

Both of us together:

Some scenery shots from riding pillon on the scooter:

Krabi has lots of mountains, before the trip i blog hopped a bit to research on Krabi. They say Krabi is a good place for abeseiling (rock climbing).

I was interested but i knew i wasnt strong enough. I also knew the rest of the 7 girls wouldnt be keen on the sport. So when i was packing i decided to bring those white heels intead of shoes! Haha

Right choice. But when E's mom saw my footwear, she was like, "You going for holiday or going for modelling?!" I knew she's say something cuz before that she was asking me why i wore skirt and not shorts. Hahah!

A photo on the bike

The airport transfer van came to pick us up at 10.15ish. It was a short drive to the airport and then we queued to get our boarding passes. No amazing race this time =P

Waited by the gate and counted how much i spent. Flight and accomodation was RM270 for 3 days 2 nights. Meals cost RM45.50, entertainment (Cobra show, bike and petrol) was RM41.50. RM22 for airport transfer. RM62 in LCCT. RM 26 etc. TOTAL = RM484

The other couple helped us take this picture, and vice versa

Thats the end of my first trip to Krabi. Yes, i intend to go there again! =)

Links to Day 1 and Day 2


dawn said...

Nice =)
I love the last pic of both of u :)
Your heels look comfortable tho, so you can tell aunty u rock climb with style ;)

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAHA, Dawn ur so funny! Rock climb in style! Haha

Thanks for the compliments too! Have u blogged? Gonna check =)

+ : A d a M : + said...

still cant believe u can just rent a motorbike and ride with no license just like that. i wanna try laa..hahaah

Sue Lin said...

Heyyy Adam! Haven't seen u comment in a while!

Go try la! =)

Like no one can join E and i for the 2nd trip we planned so MAYBE we might do it next year instead. If so will keep u updated and hopefully u n W can join us.