Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 2 in Chiang Mai

My elephant ride was part of this 800Baht (RM 83 or AUD26) day tour package i took

Not in the exact order. More pictures of that day

Old camera new tricks. Playing with the macro function, pretty good for a 3 and a half year old piece of technology =)
Butterfly farm and orchid farm before the elephant ride and after the elephants, this

You cross the river using this cage thing!

Its fun! Lasts only 3seconds long? And then it was a hike to a waterfall

Nothing special, we had lunch there and because i was so slow eating, i didnt get to do more than take a couple of shots

I noticed that the forest in Chiang Mai had a lot of bamboo...

They provided a tongkat (walking stick for the hike) which i used a little when crossing little bamboo bridges. After that was a very mild white water rafting

Headed back to the city, where i moved into my new cheap-ass room

Backpackers rule no.1 NEVER ever ever pay for a room you have never inspected, even if it is 100bht a night. The bed is lumpy and there were a few black stuff on the bed near the wall. Floor was dirty so i had to wear slippers in the room.

The toilet was full of lizard shit everywhere!!! I spent a good hour or so spraying water everywhere to wash down the shit. I paid for a room and washed the toilet for them!

The guesthouse is run by the tour agent i bought some packages from, she sweet talked me into it. She and her sons live on the top floor and the four rooms on the ground floor with ensuite toilets are to be rented out

I decided to rough it out for one night, or maybe two, since i paid for 2 nights. Then i walked to get dinner, when i spotted this!

Jonadda Guesthouse! The place i was looking for on Day 1 in Chiang Mai! Recommended in the Lonely Planet book!

This is the street where i go for my internet, also has the 7Eleven i frequent. I called it my street =) A friend called it Sue Soi which means Sue Street, good times =)

Hungley curry, the waitress said its a Chiang Mai specialty, so i gave it a go. Lots of ginger in it. Not bad

After dinner, i decided to check out Jonadda. I saw an Asian guy at the front of the guesthouse alone, engrossed with his iPhone. Thinking he works there, i asked "Do u have any rooms available?"

He looked up and gave me the most confused, blank stare and eventually said "I don't work here", pointing a the other guy inside watching tv

"Oh my god, i'm so sorry!!!", embarassed i went to ask the correct person, who gave me the keys to room 301 for a look

When i came back downstairs, the two guys were chatting. To return the key i approached them and ended up joining their conversation! The guy is JK, a Korean American who's travelling for a year.

Prior to this trip, my mom n i watched Eat, Pray, Love where Julia Robert's character puts her stuff into storage and goes off travelling to Italy, India and Bali. Ironic actually meeting someone who did the storage thingie! Just like the movies!

We decided to see Doi Suthep together and exchanged Thai numbers. Chat for quite a long while before i had to call it a night

Returned to my crappy room and realized that the lights became blinking disco lights. With no one to complain to in Thailand, i smsed my new friend! =)


Liou said...


Sue Lin said...

Thanks dear =)

Jacqueline said...

Im planning to visit Chiang Mai end of this month... Is Jonadda Guesthouse nearby the night market? any contacts?

Sue Lin said...

Yeah! Its walking distance to both the Sunday night market and the daily bazaar night market (each one is located on different street).

I'd definitely recommend Jonadda Guesthouse! They are cheap and very clean! Not sure if the lady boss remembers me, but the Chinese guy on duty at nights, David will remember me, tell him u are a friend of Sue from Malaysia and that i said hie!!!!

Jacqueline said...

Thats great!!! I think I will book this guesthouse... =) is david hot? LOL!

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, he's an uncle la. Very friendly and chatty uncle. Always talk to us at night when we come back. Normally during the day we go out so not much chance to talk to the lady boss, unless we need to book bus tickets etc

Yes! Better book, especially if u have many people! They are very popular, when i was staying there i took the last single room. Normally full house!