Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Profile Picture

The Making Of (TMO) my previous Facebook profile picture started off when i noticed the beautiful sunset after hoping off the boat on the second dive day

Washed the equipment assigned to me, fetched my camera from the locker with CCTV and started snapping away!

Lucky for me, its a dry day and with many flat surfaces for me to use as a camera tripod =)

Second 10 shots, zoom in as much as my camera could. A little bit sengek / slanting because the wall was not straight

Some simple computer adjustment and there u go =) Facebook profile picture

Many people were also taking pictures of the sunset. Someone from my dive school saw me trying to camwhore and offered to take a picture for me

Specs guy, i saw him having dinner with the Thai receptionist on my first night there =P He said that there hasnt been a nice sunset like that in 3 weeks!!!! I'm lucky to catch it on my 3rd day. August is Thailand's rainy season

My laptop desktop wallpaper =) For as long as i can remember, i have never used anyone else's picture as my wallpaper

Love love love the sunset that day

Was so engrossing in taking photos that i didnt realize it was getting dark!

Good thing i took out some cash and my phone from the locker because by the time i got there, it was closed! I need my phone as my alarm clock!

Last pair of flip flops at the dive school


Joey said...

Love all the pictures!! So nice! And btw, you look hot in that bikini pic :D

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Joey!! =) I do my best

japanesecarp said...

Hey you diving too?
Nice pictures ^^

Anonymous said...

pHeeeh pweet....bikini!!!!!! u look nice!

Sue Lin said...

Leyi? Hey!!! How are u???? Its been ages! Yeah, i dive too =) Got my advanced certification, what about u??? And thanks! =)

Anonymous siapa tu??? Mesti Malaysian from the way the comment is written =P Thank you!

Isya said...

LOVE the sunset pics.

i miss seeing nice sunsets. being sunset-less is bumming me out. all i see now in sunrise... and then darkness. lol.

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Isya!

Do u really see sunrise with the colours when u go to work? I dont remember seeing any such nice views to work in KL. Once in a while on MRR2 driving back i get to see the sunset and the KL sky line.

I remember having one client... i go to KL Twin towers before the shops in KLCC is open... and then i leave when they are all closed. On Friday we left just as the shops were closing, although i didnt get to shop, i was smiling so much JUST because they were still somewhat open!