Friday, December 17, 2010

Shopping in Bangkok !

The girls and i stayed in Pratunam. While Kao San Road is the Western tourist district of Bangkok, this is the Asian section! Walking distance to many malls including

Platinum Fashion Mall

In Feb 2009, my senior at work recommended this mall. I have a hard time remembering name places so i wrote it on a digital post it note and looked at it everyday... Most Malaysians who's been to Bangkok, have been there

Rows of street stalls everywhere! Clothes, souveniors and food. A picture from the overhead bridge, much like my first trip to Bangkok (where i happened to stay in the Middle Eastern tourist area of Bangkok, Nana)


According to AN, Platinum used to be dirt cheap. Now its just mildly cheap, since the sellers know there'll always be tourists, you cant get much bargaining done

Day 2 was a temples and palace day, we nearly got cheated which was hilarious. By 4pm we were already templed out, went back to rest and eat before heading to Suan Lum Night Market, where i did the Fish Spa

There were some Black American girls there and one of them was screaming like mad... Oh, someone else told me about Suan Lum market, i cant remember who, but i wrote it down on another digital Post-it-Note on my personal laptop

Day 3 was another shopping day! Walked to Central World to look for Naraya, recommended by Valdez Lisa

Three of us went crazy, looking at almost everything while the fourth lady got sick and tired of the merchandise! Yeah, the only people who shopped here are Asians!

No idea much time we spent in there, but it was LONG! Hahah. Followed by MBK =)

Day 4, Friday was assigned to the floating market and on Day 5, Saturday, its gotta be

Chatuchak Weekend Market!

Another "Must Do" when you are on The Shopping Vacation. Honestly, i hated it. At first. I didnt want souveniers and i didnt want decorative items and we were stuck in those areas for hours before we found the clothing area =)

The open air area of the market can look quite appealing but let me tell u, it was chaos! The scorching heat makes it no better

Chatuchak is HUGE and endless yet i managed to bump into an ex-colleague there in the clothing section!!! She was also on a Shopping Vacation =)

After Chatuchak, the 4 of us were so beat and tired, exhausted and dehydrated we went back for a shower and an afternoon nap!


Joey said...

Yay, Bangkok! I lurvvve Bangkok!
Well done, you covered a lot of the top "must go" places for shopping.

Really? Platinum not that cheap anymore? Is that the place where all the blogshops get their stuff from? Or did I get confused with another...

I know what you mean about Chatuchak, though. Freaking hot, right? The last time I went, I went there early and left just after an early lunch so as to avoid the cruel afternoon sun at its hottest.

Did you buy many things in the end? :)

Sue Lin said...

Yeah!! Bangkok is the love!!! Especially heading there with girls for a shopping vacation!

Yeahhh, i think it is Platinum where they get their stock. I saw many girls pulling the cheap trolley bag to the shops, some of them with a boyfriend following them around like a puppy! Haha. It was cheap, but not dirt cheap.

Hmmm how early? They open at nine right? We got there around 10ish, couldnt do earlier

Yeah i bought a lot!!! My friend had to carry home for me cuz i didnt wanna carry everything for the rest of my trip. Now when i look back, i think its not enough!! Hahah

Isya said...

Bangkok, the shopping paradise for girls.

i still don't like chatuchak. it's too hot! much prefer my shopping in an airconditioned environment :)

+ : A d a M : + said...

boyfriend following around like a puppy u know how i feel!! HAHAHAH

yes ur right. Platinum is not the same place it was one year ago. theres no more bargaining and everyone buys all their stock there so its not so fun anymore. Still a good place to visit for first time.

how're u leh? like so weird so long never have direct communication with u lol. can u go n get gtalk or somethin?? =P

Sue Lin said...

Isya hey! Yeah, love going to Bangkok with girls =)

I agree, Chatuchak is too hot!! If i ever go there again, will go earlier and leave early. There are some good buys

Adam hahaha! Woi, YOU were the one who told me that Platinum is not the same, hello, do u remember? I think that was when u picked up the Thai sim card from me in Old Town. Or maybe when we met up with HS.

I dunno how to use Gtalk le... long into Gmail every night and wait for u to contact me is it? Or is it a specific program? Why cant u msn like u used to? =P

Joey said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I saw Naraya in Singapore and was really tempted to buy, but then I was with Nick's parents so was a bit shy to make them wait.

Yeap, they open at 9. The sun isn't so bad until noon then, we stopped for lunch.

I know what you mean! Like kinda regret that you didn't buy more, right? Show off your purchases! :D Wanna seeee

Sue Lin said...

Oh!! Nick's parents went to Singapore with u? KL too??? Wowww!

Lol, i think i left a few of my purchases in KL... not sure if i can pile them together. Some of the stuff i bought i already gave away... no wait those are stuff i bought from Vietnam. Hahah, i dont think i can compile my stuff from Bangkok anymore! Didnt have time to do it earlier =P

Joey said...

Nick's parents are actually living in Singapore. I stayed at their place when I last went back in Easter and they took me to some places :) They were very nice, but still a scary experience (as in first time staying at their place)

Ohhh haha it's ok then. Maybe when you wear them :)

Sue Lin said...

Oh! I see, so is he... Singaporean?? Did he grow up in Sg or in the UK?

Yeah, i'll just give my Bangkok purchases a mention when i wear them. Most of the casual stuff i wore during my travels =)

Joey said...'s rather confusing. He's British, but yes, grew up in Singapore (hence no ang moh accent hehe). His parents both hold British passports, but are now working in Singapore

Sue Lin said...

Awww no ang moh accent! Singaporean accent? Yeah its confusing since i only see him on ur blog! Hahah