Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bangkok Blur

Bangkok was a spontaneous trip. An Aussie friend who worked in Bangkok for a year was heading there, so i tagged along. Gave me directions to get to the accomodation, which i screwed up

Instead of taking the Airport Bus which costs 150BHT, i ended up on the bus the locals take. My journey from the airport, plus a light lunch, only cost me 90BHT

It took me 4 bloody hours to reach my accomodation in Nana, Sukhumvit district! I thought it was normal, cuz hey, its Bangkok and i've heard lots of stories about traffic, but its NOT normal! Haha, I went to Victory Monument, which is on the other side of town

A six lane roundabout in Bangkok. Kicks Kuala Lumpur's roads ass. Hahahah! I was quite lost. But there was this lady, Molly, who works in the airport, on the way home from her shift, she speaks English well and helped me find my way. Forever thankful =)

She even passed me her mobile number in case i need help!!! Its amazing how nice random strangers can be. I sent her a short thank u sms on my last day in Bangkok

BTS trains, known as the Sky Train to the locals, because its above the roads. Reminds me of Masjid Jamek Star LRT in Kuala Lumpur. Bangkok's MRT or Subway is underground.


+ : A d a M : + said...

wow those pics bring back memories. cant believe im going back again wtf!

Sue Lin said...

Adam when did u go there last??? I cant wait to go there again! =) U and Wendy have fun, sorry i decided not to go to Krabi

Anonymous said...

Next time take the Airport Rail Link from Suvarnabhumi to Phaya Thai (15 Baht for a single trip; 30 minutes exactly), then change to BTS. It's much more convenient that way.

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Anonymous! =)

Isya said...

did u shop crazy there??? or do i have to wait for your next post to find out. hehehee.

there's always at least one nice stranger out there. and it always gives you hope for humanity :)

Sue Lin said...

Isya i can tell u i didnt shop to satisfaction =( I didnt hit Platinum, it wasnt the weekend so no Chatuchak for me either. Just MBK but i didnt get more than 2 Little Miss tops. Managed to buy 2 sarongs (one of them u saw in Focus Session) from the dive island. Thats it in Thailand!!! Disappointing anot?

Oh, got a pair of sunnies and i tailor made some work wear =) Love love love the shirts!!!

Actually throughout my whole trip, there were tonnes of nice people, so so many =) Lots of hope for humanity, makes me wanna be helpful too in the future =)

Isya said...

u didn't get to go to platinum and chatuchak? bummer. well, you can always go again just for shopping. that's what my sister does with her friends.

you tailor made shirts? how long did it take to be ready?

i'm kinda scared to be helpful in malaysia. you never know whether the person seeking help is sincere or not. but it's fine when i'm with a bunch of friends. people tend to ask me for directions in KL which i'm horrible at :(

Sue Lin said...

Yeahhh! I hope i can be like ur sis in the future. Travel overseas just to shop. Hmm... lets dream even bigger. Dream of heading to Milan to shop! Hahahah, boreddddd of EBA

The tailor is really good, they did my measurements on Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon i get a fitting. By Thursday noon everything is done =) One shirt was slightly faulty and they made a new one for me!

Hmm... i guess we'll just have to assess the situation and do our best to help. One time i was in the monorail and i saw a foreigner, his bag pack was open and he didnt notice. So i just tapped on his shoulder to let him know. I guess these kinda help would be harmless to the helper but might set a really good impression on the helpee. Hahah