Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Elephant Ride

Not knowing what to expect from the tour i booked, i was surprised to board this... four wheel drive with a modified back

It was just me and a couple from China. Good to have a tiny tour group

At first i felt cheated to tour in a vehicle with no aircond. Then i realized a four wheel drive is needed for the kind of terrain we travelled through. Later learned that this vehicle is called a songtao and that its common in Chiang Mai

Slept most of the journey but once in a while i'll get up to look at some sights. Got up to see people riding elephants! Went back to sleep and when i got up, its my turn!

Baybeetea smiles, she's got her own elephant! Hehhe. No, wait, I shared my mine with the elephant trainer's son

The cute little kid in the blue cap just climbed up and sat on the elephant's neck without a saddle. There was a stream along the path and since it was such a hot day, the elephants took the liberty to stop and chill out for a while

Hot day = great pictures =) Glad i brought my hat.

I bought a comb of bananas to feed the elephant for 20Baht. Even before i got on the elephant, it snatched the bananas from my hand!!! The trainer tried to save some of the bananas, only managed to save four!

The elephant ate the rest of the bananas in one bite, with the skin on. I kept the remiander next to me while on the ride. The elephant will curl its trunk up this way for u to feed it

Being a blogger, i didn't let go the banana till i got a few shots of the process =P

Three bananas was enough for me to take photos for the blog, yay! =) The last banana fell from the saddle seat...

The little boy's father took this photo for us! =) And i took a picture of the other couple
Thats the stream that the elephant has to cross

Some of the Thai people mistake me as the couple's daughter. Sigh, just because we're of the same colour. And maybe also because it is rare for an Asian girl to travel solo

The end of the elephant ride. The view was awesome, the sunshine doesnt bother me. One hour ride didnt feel long to me


Joey said...

Happy New Year, Sue Lin!! May the new year bring new opportunities to you :)

Enjoyed reading this post. The elephant so greedy one take all the bananas hehehe

Sue Lin said...

Happy New Year to u too Joey. Thanks for the nice wishes, may the new year bring u happiness and may u do well in your masters =)

Glad u enjoyed the post =) Yeah the elephant snatched all the bananas! It was so strong!

Isya said...

my parents went on elephant rides when they went to chiangmai too! and there were elephants painting pictures. very cool.

Sue Lin said...

Wow! Elephants painting pictures?? I didnt see that! Nice!!! Ur parents travel a lot =) I hope my father gets to travel soon! =)

Isya said...

yeah, it was very cool. there was an elephant who painted a picture of an elephant. it wasn't super wonderful but definitely better than something i can draw lol.

yeah, they travel alot! i would tag along back in high school or uni. but now, boo work!!

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, smart elephant! Painter!

U travelled a lot last year too, i mean two years ago, 2009. 2010 a lot less right?