Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tubing in Vang Vieng

A must do i've heard. So when in Laos, i did!

Tubing is renting one of those yellow rubber tube, which i read is the inside of truck tyres, and you sit in the middle part and float down the river!

The first bar. The traveler friend i was in Laos with does not swim and obviously didnt wanna go tubing.

I went alone, but the thing with traveling is you are never alone =)
Canadian girls i met on the tuk tuk from the town area to the first bar

Japanese guy i met while waiting for the tuk tuk to depart

The bar owners build slides

They also build... structures to make the river into a natural theme park

Climb to the top and then swing!

They give u really short instructions: let go in the deep area. Thats it.

Looking back at these pictures, it looks really dangerous! The shallow part is so near the deeper part. The kid is walking there!
Splash!!! Yup, thats me in the above four pictures =)

People just chilling out as if it was a beach. Nice and sunny, on holiday with no care in the world.

What day of the week is it? No one cares! I miss those times, this trip was in November 2010
When you are tired of one place, move on to the next!!

By hopping onto your floaty tube

That blue thing i'm carrying is my dry bag, specially made for scuba diving! Items in the bag such as my camera and phone stays dry.

I took my camera out when i was floating just to camwhore! Obsessed with blogging! Hahah

How do you stop at the next destination? Simple, there are men who will throw a rope with an empty bottle at the end to floating tourists. Grab hold of it and they will reel you in and to their bar! Primitive yet so genius!

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