Sunday, September 12, 2010

Marble Temple

M asked if we would like to see a Chinese temple or the Marble Temple (Wat Benchamabophit). Picked the latter, sounded more alluring

Did not disappointed =) Behold

The temple on the back of the 5 Baht coin

At the entrance

Made of white Carrara marble, it was built in the late 19th century under Rama V.

Hostess and i, in the courtyard exhibiting 53 Buddha images

All that marble, gold and red. Stunning!

The other side of the temple. Quick snapshots turn out so so well.

Little me

So magnificient. I am delighted with the photos i took =)

Carefree self-shot. It was so sunny, M lent me the cap i wore in some of the pictures

Carefree shot, take 2.

The details on the pillars are so intricate, the bell so delicate. No chimes that day, wasn't windy

Having a drink outside the temple

My photographer of the trip, thanks for the great shots! =)

Four different currencies and my passport in the pouch i'm wearing

Loved the marble temple, holiday Sue walking back to the car =)


MK Loo said...

I like the picture of you standing outside the temple...looks like a celebrity hosting a travel talk show.

Deb said...

Wat Benchamabophit!! I remember this place!!! :)

Sue Lin said...

MK Loo thank youuuu =)

Deb thanks for the info! =) I just got back my Lonely Planet... maybe i'll do some data entry =P

Serene said...

looks like you're having heaps of fun..
so jealous! =D have a great time..!

Sue Lin said...

Serene hie! Yeah it was loads of fun!

Don't jealous, make it happen for yourself! =) Thats what i tell everyone

Weird Dan said...

So are you back in KL? LOL

Sue Lin said...

Dan lol, yeah! Still in KL!