Friday, March 11, 2011

Advanced Dive Course

My diving instructor talked me into doing the advanced course. Wanted to dive more anyway so might as well take classes!
Day 5 in Koh Tao, i got up early to walk around before classes start, i tend to twist the phrase "live everyday to its fullest". When on holiday i try to make the best of it, stretch every minute!

Someone's puppy poodle was running about on its own. So cute!

Took photos of myself and my surroundings

Wonder what is the significance of the cloth at the front of those boats...

Saw another girl walking around with a DSLR camera.
We smiled at each other and spoke a bit. We ended up taking pictures for each other and with each other. Chris from China. Her friends are sunburned and sleeping in the room! Haha

One of the pictures she took for me =) She liked the pix i took of her too, i'm good with cameras =P

Would have been nice to walk around with her and camwhore more but i had to head to dive school!
For Advanced Dive Course, deep dive and navigation dive is compulsory. And then u get to choose another 3

Dive computer, expensive shit. Some places they make u rent it or buy it, but in Scuba Junction, they let u use it for free.

The dive computer shows u how deep u are and how long u can stay underwater, based on calculations of nitrogen levels in ur body. I loved doing the manual calculations part of the course =) I'm such a geek, ahaha

I did buoyance first which teaches u how to control ur movements in water. U have to swim through a hoop underwater. Also did somersault which scared me... after its done the instructor told me that was for fun and not part of the course! Hahah

I scrapped my elbow on the sand in this course... on my first day my left ankle was scratched... and on the second i hurt my right knee on a coral. Have got little scars from those now.

All good and all smiles anyways =) In the afternoon, i did navigation where u use a compas and try to swim underwater in a perfect square. 90degrees each way. And then in a triangle of 120 degrees each way. Also timed how long it takes me to swim 100meters underwater and counted how many flipper kicks i used

Rock formations. Somewhere on the south of the island. What do u think it looks like???

Did i mention that my Advanced Dive Course was done entirely one-on-one?! Full attention! Haha. And i took SSI for advanced because its cheaper than PADI... no need to buy the book and less theory. My open water was PADI

Seargant fishes, loads of them. Visible from the surface. I saw a little seahorse on the ocean bed too, its was black, soooooooo cute and tiny. It didnt move, everyone looking at it formed a circle around it


supplementals said...

go get an underwater cam!!!

Sue Lin said...

Been looking for one! Can i pinjam from u, Hahahha and u pay the interest =P