Friday, February 25, 2011


A common tourist attraction to Malaysians in Bangkok is the Baiyoke Tower
Since we lived within walking distance, and since i missed it on my first trip to Bangkok, i was glad the girls wanted to go! =)

The first time i saw such pictures was on other blogs and i had a feeling Bangkok is bigger than KL... maybe because its been over 10years since i went up the KL Tower?
The four of us playing around in at the top =)

Rubber stamp for u to stamp post cards or notebooks as souveniers

Included with the entrace ticket costing 250Baht, is a cocktail

Drinks and the view

In the open air deck. Its similar to the Alor Setar Tower, where u are caged in this revolving thing

Love the lights on the top of the tower. Love the wind in my hair !

The capital city of Thailand. I'll be back!

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