Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Krabi Amazing Race

Some of our friends decided to give my always early E a heart attack by arriving late. We only started to go through customs 10 minutes before the flight! And NH had passport chip reading problems

On the screen were the words "Gate 3 Krabi CLOSED",
i was starring at it shocked but the airport officials let us in.
"You have to run" was what the officer told YY! We had a good laugh over it during lunch. D was like "My name has never been called out at the airport before!"

All 10 of us wore masks all the way from Sentral to Krabi.
We didnt wanna fall sick before our trip.

On the way back, less than 5 of us bothered to dress up as doctors! Hahah, we're all working adults, unlike the uni kids we were at Redang, and none of us really wanted to go back to work

We checked in and was greeted by little elephants, just as i saw in another blog:

Buri Tara Resort was a bargain. Maybe 4 stars and only RM140 a night! They provide you with not only bath towels but pool towels as well =) If i knew i wouldn't have bothered bringing an extra towel for the island hopping on Day 2

Mr Holiday Planner and i.
He logged on at 6am
and smsed the gang at 6.30am one fine day back in March. No one replied him by 8.30am (like duh, so early wei) and he started harassing us with threatening smses forcing us to reply!

We decided on lunch and a walk along Aonang street

Shopped or window shopped.

Camwhored whenever it stopped raining for a second

A jump pic of the girls. 8 grrrls, 2 guys, any guys wanna join in our next trip?

Its paradise

Bliss even on this rainy day

I threw a little tantrum when E didnt wanna eat banana pancake with me
but this

Thai coconut cheered me up! So damn SWEET! Naturally
E helped me peel the coconut flesh =) Hehe

After a super long day of walking aimlessly around Aonang, we searched for a place to have dinner. We picked a seafood shop with some diners. Mamak style - u know, not a proper structure, its just a makeshift tent-like thing.

Was a little afraid of upset tummy, i even brought pills for diarrhea but guess what, Krabi's CLEANER than Bali by a thousand times! All of us are A'Ok. Bali belly belongs to Bali


Jacqueline said...

Whoa.. I will also get heart attack if my frens arrive late to the airport... hahaha!!

Very nice holiday! I wanna go Krabi too!

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, at that point i didnt know i SHOULD have a heart attack

Go go go! Its lovely! I love it, we are planning out next trip there!

Its so close to Malaysia, 1 hour flight. So much more beautiful and cheaper than Langkawi or something that i am starting to wonder why tourists bother coming to Malaysia...

Isya said...


Sue Lin said...

Oh drats, Isya, i'm sorry to make u feel that way, it sucks to feel jealous =( Next trip i invite u, u come okay??? I'll sms ya

Jacqueline said...

Krabi is in Thailand right? 1 hour only? Even nearer than Bangkok?? And its cheaper than Langkawi? u sure?u sure? I seriously gonna plan a trip there.... =p

Sue Lin said...

Yeah its in Thailand. Only 1 hour. I have never been to Bangkok but guess so!

Ok, lets not use Langkawi, its just my random comparison.

My senior went to Krabi for 4 days 3 nights and it was much cheaper than her 3 days 2 nights trip to east Malaysia, she said. I coaxed the group into this holiday destination after looking at Senior's pix

Go go! Before it gets too commercialised! Right now, everyone is like "Where is Krabi?"

Traclyn Yeoh said...

Wahhh so cool~

Hey I thought we aren't allowed to take switch on any electronic device outside the airport terminal? and you manage to have the airplane's pic. that's cool!

I have an award waiting for you here

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Traclyn for the award and the compliment =)

Errrr... they normally try to disallow people from taking pictures outside the plane but i do so anyway, everytime i fly AirAsia i'll have picture of me in front of the red plane

Valdez Lisa said...

wah...nice hotel room. I feel so wasted as I wasn't there...:'(

Sue Lin said...

Yeahhh, such a pity! But lucky they allow ur friends to use the room