Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Night Dive

As part of my advanced scuba dive course, i picked Night Diving! =) The same day after the afternoon dive, my instructor told me to get a bite to eat for dinner and told me to be back at the dive centre shortly
Pic of me while waiting for my panang curry in this little shop called Coffee Boat. Love my meal, its red and sooo spicy hot, i immediately ate it instead of taking photos of my food. By the way, thats me with no make up whatsoever =) Fresh out of afternoon diving
The doorway of the equipment centre of the dive shop. Leads straight to the sea =) That square thing at the bottom of the picture is a little puddle of water for u to wash your feet to get rid of sand
Oxygen tanks. On the wall: BCD devices, its the thing u wear like a vest for you to carry your tank and it helps you descend or ascend by pressing buttons. You'll be like a submarin when diving =)

Regulators. The stuff that connects the oxygen tank to your BCD device and to your mouth. There is also a spare mouth piece in case your buddy runs out of air and u need to lend them a hand (it is a must to dive in pairs)

The orange thing are scuba face masks. On the right, the blue ones are bags for the equipment and the lower shelve is for flippers.

Wetsuits. Short sleeves and covers up to knee length to suit the tropical weather. The one i wore in Tasmania is totally different!

Sunset a.k.a. Time to head out to sea!! =)

Thats how we get on the Long Boat which will take us to the bigger dive boat. So fun, u'll have to walk in the water and climb into the rocking little boat! =) The instructors will put the equipment onto the boat for us but we do help unload after the dive

View of the beach from the long boat as we head out to sea

Silhouette of dive tanks!
The blogger camwhores =)

You see the plastic thingie on the left tank? It is placed on tanks that have been filled with air. After you've used the tank, do not put it back on to show that it needs a refill =)

Another dive boat in the distance. We achored at our dive location, far off from the shore and my instructor took out two torch lights

He asked "are u taking a photo of these?", i went "hehe" and then quickly put away my camera and paid attention to instructions

Night dives are scary. Because it is pitch black, I got disorientated once, somehow i felt like i was upside down and started to panic. Instrutor tapped on my shoulder and when i saw him and realised i wasn't upside down and calmed down. Its weird!

A couple of times, i floated to the surface without intending to. Hate it when that happens. Cuz i hate descending and everytime i float up, i'll have to descend again... and its not good to go up and down too many times because of nitrogen levels in the body (can kill you)

Saw lots of fishes but nothing memorable. No barracudas. Some people saw turtles! But not me =( I've swam on top a turtle before in Redang and it was awesome, i wish to get that opportunity again

August is peak travel season in Thailand, wayyy tooooo many divers. Chased away marine life =( Got back onto the boat disappointed. Went to pee, the toilet has no lights and i got locked in there!!!

Was stuck for some time till my instructor came looking for me! Hahah. Listened to the debriefing and there wasnt much time left to take pictures. Why la did i have to get stuck in the toilet? Hahahha. Made a good Facebook status update anyway =)

One of the torchlights went missing. They werent numbered so it could not be detected who lost it. My instructor was really pissed because that meant all instructors wont get paid for the night's work/dive...

Koh Tao, Thailand
05 Advanced Dive Course is the obvious next step =)
04 Certified Diver Completion of my Open Water course =)
03 Orange sunset after 3 weeks of gloomy evenings
02 Koh Tao during the day & at night
01 Open Water Scuba Diving Day 1 on the island


Out of Sync said...

Looks sooooo awesome =D Where are you at the moment? I thought you were still in Melbourne, Australia?

Jacqueline said...

How can u get stuck in the toilet? LOL! Is that a special torchlight? expensive?

Sue Lin said...

Heyyy Aaron! It was awesome, heaps of fun! I'm im Melbourne at the moment, these are pictures from last year. Never had time to blog about it! Heheh

Jac hahaah! Its because there is a thing to lock it from outside, so that when the boat moves the door wont fly open. That thing just fell and i was locked in

I cant remember how much the torchlight costs. Its special because it is waterproof? Heheh

Jacqueline said...

LOL!! Probably your momok fren locked you from outside... XD

Sue Lin said...

momok??? Hahah no la, i felt the boat move and heard the thing drop! Hahha, no one locked me in =P