Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alone in Chiang Mai

The girls and i had a flight ticket from Bangkok to KL booked. Only 3 of them went back, i burned mine and flew to Chiang Mai instead! Alone, without any hotels booked!

In the airport, i did some research and decided to stay at Jonadda guesthouse, so upon arrival in Chiang Mai i took a cab to my destination. The taxi driver dropped me off at a main street, he said he cant drive in the little Soi (street), said that i had to walk in.

There were no signs for the guesthouse and i wasnt sure if i wanted to go through narrow lanes at night. Plan B: walk along main road to look for accomodation. With my bags weighing a total of 17kg!

Tired of walking with all my bags in the scorching Thailand afternoon sun, i picked Rama Guesthouse for 300Baht a night. It has a nice garden

Took a shower and read the Lonely Planet. Felt like staying in but dragged myself out to get my tours booked =)

The tour agent told me about the Sunday Walking Night Market

Followed the directions i was given, walked along what i thought was a river. Later i looked at the map and it was weird that the river is a perfect square!

Couple of days later, i was told that it is a man-made moat and not a river! Hehehe

Rachadamnoen Road, where the night market is located. A long street from the East Wall of the Moat all the way to Wat Prasigh, just before the West Wall

The East Wall, it has a name, later became the landmark for meeting new found friends in Chiang Mai =)

Twilight that day was absolutely awesome!

Just after sunset and before dark, my photos turned out to die for!

I loved the atmosphere, locals outnumbered tourists, temples lined the street.

Local Thai girls bought a skirt, unique Chiang Mai tribal design i presume. The saleslady charged her 150Baht although it was written 180 Baht. I was pleasantly surprised that they saleslady let me buy the skirt for the same price, no special tourist rip-off inflated prices

Ancient stone carving

Scarfs! Cheapie cheapie!! If i wasn't backpacking, i'd love to buy more and sell online !

Brass earrings. Stupid me thought it was 5 Baht a pair (RM0.50), so i spend a long time looking through and selecting so many many pairs!

The old man was nice and packed them neatly for me. Its a proven theory: a crowd attracts a crowd. There was no one at his stall, but because this blogger was standing there looking at the earrings, more people came to look, a few people were buying the earrings as i chose.

I got a shock when it was time to pay for my earrings, i missed out a zero, it was 50Baht a pair = RM5 per pair or AUD 1.60 =( I dont want to buy anything at that price but because i stood there for a long time, i just paid for one pair!

Goods and craft sold in the Sunday Night Market is a world of difference from what was offered in Bangkok markets. The daily Chiang Mai bazaar on a separate street is as boring as Bangkok night markets though.

I also noticed that Thai people love their little toy dogs. The sellers bring their toy dogs to work at the market. Each one of them had a little bed and blanket for the pampered little dog

I spent three whole hours at the night market! =) Loved it. Then i went to an internet cafe to email and update my Facebook status

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