Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bin Da Bat

The monks and novices do a daily walk around Luang Prabang's Old City at the crack of dawn every morning, receiving alms.

Our Slow Boat friends decided to meet at 5am, when it was still pitch black, to wait for them to come out

We were stalked by Laos ladies trying to sell us rice and biscuits... they'd run to any guesthouse that opens a door!

Some of us bought the stuff, while some of us were firm in saying no. We had a morning cup of coffee while waiting.

We werent the only ones waiting

They'd come from up the street and head down the next street

So many of them, that i was able to take photos from different angles

We dont understand why the nuns in white are the ones who will give food to the long line of novice monks in orange...

Tourists would buy the food from those morning lady stalkers to give to monks

Guy in the cap, GS is one of our friends, from Austria. He and sister were backpacking greater Mekong together, very inquisitive people, showed a great deal of interest in the locals and in foreigner friends too!

I like the French colonial buildings in the immediate background and the misty mountains in the distance =)

Rolled out of bed, groggy me. We were all hanging out till late the night before!

The Slow Boat Crew hanging around! Haha, i went walk to the other corner of the street

A little different on this part. Tourists - check. But over here, there are poor people, begging for food.

On this part, the monks receive the food and then subsequently donate some...

Some tourists are so rude, he was really in their face. Even put in his camera in between the monks to take a picture of the baskets they were holding! Do u really need to do that?

Good pictures, if i say so myself, can be taken from behind one of those Chiang Mai songtao thingie - those 4 wheel drive with modified backseats... but in Laos they just call it tuktuk


Anonymous said...

You look like a replica of your mum in that photo. I've always thought you looked more like your dad but for some reason you really really look as if your mum is your twin!

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, yeah Deb, there are angles and photos where i look more like my mom.

My sis looks like my mom too but i dont look like my sis.

I look like my bro and he looks like my sis, but still my sis n i don't look alike at all! Hahaahha Genetics!