Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Floating Market

Everyone's seen pictures that look like this

I really wanted to see it first hand, was excited in south Vietnam but it was a let down.

So when in Bangkok with friends, i was happy to go Damnoensaduk floating market with them. The first tour agent tried to cheat us, charging an exorbitant RM50 or 500Bht per person for the boat ride alone. The second agent charged us 500Bht for transport from Bangkok AND a motor boat ride.

Hopped on the boat happily... only to be disappointed again

Only saw a few floating "stalls" and not much else before the boat docked and let us off at a piere!

I got off, upset... tried to make the most of my situation: took a picture of this lady selling noodles from her boat

The tour guide offered row boats for another 300Bht per person. Thats blows my budget =(

I envied those tourists on the row boat... but i was sick of being ripped off. Coconuts looks so tempting...

Friends decided to just walk around and take shots from above

Pretty good view actually =)

Coffee addict decided to get her morning fix

The lady smiled for my picture! =) If someone was to kick my ass, i'd fall in! Hahah

Longed for a bowl of noodles but the weather was so hot, it would be a torture rather than a treat to have steaming hot noodle soup

Walking around, there were people offering row boats, asking "How much you want?" We talked to a couple of different places and managed to get 300Bht for four people!!! (or 75Bht per person=)

All smiles on the little row boat

It was Thai school holidays and there were lots of school kids on school trips to Damnoensaduk floating market

Cool huh, there is no such Malaysian school trips =(

Camwhoring, the others watched as LY bargain for a guitar

Besides taking pictures, i love observing my surroundings and looking out for little details

The water is only ankle deep. The sellers wear 'Phua Chu Kang' construction-like boots and just walk in the water

They sit on little stools/chairs in the water like that. Damn am i craving a bowl of noodles as i blog...
The shops are probably government planned and rented out or licensed out. Standardised structures built along the river. Love the coconut trees in the background =)

I was posing for my camera, i dont know what my friends were doing but it makes the picture look good though =)

Sun shiny day that day.

Walked around and lost my friends for a bit. Oh well, carried on walking =P

One of the vendors helped me take this pic =) I bought rice from a boat, which wasnt so good. As i was eating it, LY and YY 'found me'!

LY bought some snacks

How goods and currency is passed between seller and buyer

Three of us happily snacking. The fourth lady sat around somewhere under the fan, she didnt want to walk around, she said she's had enough. Realised thats her style, to just sample sights... we like to immerse ourselves! Hahha

That's Damnoensaduk Floating Market. Loved it. Two thumbs up =)

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+ : A d a M : + said...

hey! its been awhile since ive commented something here. I hardly surf net at home now and ur blog is so NSFW so i always forget to drop by.. =P

congrats on passing exams!!! im sure a job is gonna be on the way real soon =) hows it feel to not hve to study another semester anymore?? hehe

aiyo..nice that u got to see floating market. twice ive been to bangkok and twice i havnt been able to see it! lol...i was also scared la to get ripped off..coz tht place is such a tourist trap. but then end up i dint get a chance to see it also..haiz

Sue Lin said...

Heyyy Adam, glad ur back! Aww really? If i ever change my blog layout i'll make it simple black or white, just for u =)

Thanks! It feels awesome to not have to study another semester! But its so irritating that learning Mandarin is next on the list. I wish its something i already knew, then i can look into other languages or whatever i want

U could have always just ask around different agents to get a feel of the price. Bangkok is the kind of places a person can go to more than once (u've already done that), so next time!

Anonymous said...

Like! Good thing you're a smart traveller d and didn't kena con by those people. You got such a good deal in the end!

Sue Lin said...

Like? Hahah, thanks =) Joey, i'm not that smart la, just used what i am willing to pay as a guideline.

Everything is actually written in the Lonely Planet book, prices etc but didnt read it till later! Hahah