Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bangkok Daze

After the Marble Temple, we went to the parliament house (if i'm not mistaken)

The guards will tell u not to take pictures from certain angles.

And arent allowed to step on the grass! Hahaha

A cafe on the site, M's bakery supplies cakes there

Took this picture from the car... sorry i was falling asleep and can't really remember clearly... Deb, did u learn this in ur history subjects? Hehe

Drove past the palace, didnt go in. Maybe in my next trip? =)

Went to the Golden Buddha (Sukhotai Traimit) next, at least this one gives out brochures which i shall use as blogging material

Once completely covered in plaster to conceal it from Thailand's enemies, the 15 feet tall, 5 tonne Golden Buddha Image is made of pure gold. In 1955, when it was moved from Yannawa District to its current location, the plaster was broken and it was discovered that the seven hundred year old statue

Love the architecture of the temple where the Buddha is enshrined =) Oh, they made us wear sarongs, even men

Background is so pretty. I accidentally deleted one picture, will re-uplaod it later...

Walked through Chinatown. Bought a Thai sim card from 7 Eleven

Is there anywhere in the world without a Chinatown and an arch like that?

Hua Lamphong train station, what B calls Bangkok's Flinder's street. He helped me get my bus and boat tickets to Koh Tao =) =) =)

Then went to the tailors in Nana, thats where i blew my budget =P

View from the BTS train station. Went to hang out at N and J's condo after dinner

N's Thai and J's French, they got married earlier this year =) Very sweet couple. Interesting conversations =)

Shopping and massage on Day 3 at MBK

E (not my ex, someone else with the initial E) brought us around. He's metrosexual, fun as a shopping partner, we were trying on so many pairs of sunglasses, B got irritated! Hahahaha

Day 4 evening, i went to Hua Lamphong station to catch my night bus to Koh Tao, alone...

With my camera as my only companion, i watch other backpackers wait for their trains

I grabbed a bite to eat, glass noodles in soup with lots of chilli! Hungry recalling it... and then went to the travel agent to wait for my bus


Deb said...

LOL!!! I love how you left a small note to me asking me if I did learn all the names.. Hehe!

Unfortunately no my dear. I only know certain places as those were the places that frequently visited them as a kid. My grandmother has loads of pictures of the Marble Temple.

But I can tell you a small trivia. If you've noticed, Thailand and Cambodia and also Indonesia, And Burma have similar looking cone-ish temples. Their called stupas and their history goes back to the indian emperor, Asoka years =)

I'm sure you remember the Malay word 'Candi' representing a relic or a monument - or 'Chandi' as we say it. :)

Sue Lin said...

Chandi? I think i learned it as stupa as well. I remember memorizing Borobodur for Sejarah in SPM. It didnt come out and everyone was disappointed! Hahaha

I didnt know u used to go to Thailand a lot when u were a kid!

Anonymous said...

wow u went to BKK alone?!

Deb said...

Not as many that I can remember but Bangkok was the most frequent place that my family visited as our uncles and their family lived in the city. I was too small to remember but then I remember all the photos that my dad has taken of us and our extended family in Thailand. I was too small to remember my(2nd)cousins.

Sue Lin said...

Anonymous yeah =)

Deb ohhh yeahhh, okay, i see! =) Ur uncle doesnt live there anymore?

Isya said...

i absolutely love the picture of you sitting outside the cafe!

and can't wait for the koh tao pictures. saw them on fb. they are gorgeous!

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Isya!!! =)

The first Koh Tao picture blog post has already been drafted =) Will be out soon!!!