Friday, February 25, 2005

Even in the very best condition and even with tender loving care, roses don't last forever. Yesterday(Wednesday), a petal fell off, i was sad. And when i slept i dreamt that more of the petals fell, it was sort of a nightmare since in dreams other stupid stuff happened. Today(Thursday), when i wanted to change the water, a few petals fell off.

I complained to my parents who were nearby. U know what my father said? He told me to tell E to buy fake roses next time! No waaaaaaaay, haha. At least my father's cool abt me having a bf, a friend of mine couldn't bring home the 13 roses she received cuz her parents aren?t open-minded

So anyway, I was stubborn and still wanted to prolong the lives of my roses, but even more petals fell! =( I had no choice but to give up; i had to dry them since there were already petals all over the table! The petals were kinda pretty, so, here, i'm sharing them with u! =) Posted by Hello

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