Saturday, February 26, 2005

Today was a long day, although i only had one short workshop in college today. I mean, in university. It wasn't easy getting accepted by a university so I had better say I'm in university.

So it was a tiring day, but a fun one! Mainly cuz I had a certain someone with me almost all day. He sent me to and from college, I mean university today cuz Ausmat 2004 is having a small reunion. The workshop I had 2day wasn't bad too, interesting and funny. And after that I met up with my Ausmat course-mates and we hung out!

We went to Pyramid for lunch and then just to kill time as a group. One of our course mates is working in Radioactive there so we decided to pay him a visit? or disturb him. He bragged about how all his friends who visited him at work end up buying something.

Originally we didn't want to buy anything. But I had my eye on this sleeveless top since Monday. I didn?t buy it cuz it was pricey. RM59.90 for a shirt?!?! No way, right?

But just for fun I pointed it out to the one who was holding my hand. He agreed it was nice and we took a closer look at it. There was a ?his? version of it as well, in blue instead of pink The ?his? tee didn?t have a price tag at the collar so we searched for it.

Guess what we found on the shirt? A little hidden pocket on the inside, just big enough for u to keep a condom in it! Haha, cute. Then we found out that the ?hers? one has it too!

However special the shirts are, RM59.90 each would be too costly?. Then we just happen to walk by a sign that says the shirts come in a pair! For Valentines. So it's actually RM59.90 for a pair of shirts! Wowwww!!!

Just to double check, we asked our friend who was working there. He confirmed it and asked us to try the shirts on... blah blah blah, u know what promoters do. =) So we did and they just fitted perfectly! Both mine and his!

As usual, I asked if there was anymore of the shirts in stock since I try not to buy stuff that has been on display. So our friend said he'd check. A minute later he came out saying "I don't know whether to say u guys are lucky or not: these are the last ones"

We decided to take it positively: we're lucky! =) Posted by Hello

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