Sunday, February 05, 2006

Summer School Sucks!!

I HATE IT MAN. It's Chinese New Year season damn it! And i have to study????

Irritating. This is a wonderful season full of excuses for me to get together with old friends, newly found friends as well as spend time with family. I could have made plans!!! Damn it. I could have watched that histortical movie on the Cambodian war with my family the other night, i could have visited my grandma's grave, i loved her a lot ok? And i could have listened to all that family gossip. I love gossip ok?

I could have hung out with E and his cousins longer yesterday (Friday), i really wanna get to know them. And they were shopping, i wanna shop! I could have gone out with E and his friends for lunch today (Saturday), who cares if all they talked about is cars!

I could have gone to Borneo Ink with WS instead of going alone!! (Nope, no new tattoos, it was just a tattoo check-up. Haha. And Lina said mine's healed perfectly =)

But nooooo, exam's coming so i stayed home or went home early or went upstairs to my room, apparently to study. Supposedly to study.

But i'm too damn lazy. Wasted soooooo much time sleeping la, dunno what la... Should just have gone ahead and did all those stuff than attempt to study. I hate myself but i hate summer school more.

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jocelyn said...

hey girl! remember to study hard then we can party harder after our exams.

and gosh, i would never have imagined you doing a tattoo. Not bad ;) it's nice

sue lin said...

Hey! Haha, thanks thanks!! =) Yeah... study hard! Whoa, having a hard time concentrating! =P

Joey said...

Fuyoh, another Jocelyn ah? Did I tell u there r 3 Jocelyns (including me) in my class? parents were so "creative" haha

Hahaha...wat a digression. Anywayz, good luck for exams!

paranoid said...

good luck for your exams!

sue lin said...

Haha, Joey, my name is also very commmon, there are two other Sue Lins in monash... but i dunno how's their spelling lar. =)

Paranoid, thanks! Needed it