Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Time to Let Go

Ever had a pet u loved so dearly leave this world untimely?


Mine ran away and came back with some disease and had to be put to sleep. 9 years ago. A year after Happy's death, i laid white flowers where he used to eat.

Father knew of this and said "My Sue Sue is so sentimental". Didn't know what it mean then.

That was the first time i heard that word. And yes, it describes me.

My pre-teen to early-teen years, i loved the Sweet Valley series. Then i stopped reading them... Found out they went out of print last year. Quickly, i MUST get all books i don't own. Found a girl off the internet who sold them to me for RM2 per copy.

Bought a stack.

Happy with my prize, i picked up one of them and began to read. Oh my God, it's toooo... young for me? It's been 6 months and i haven't read even one from that stack.

Guess i grew out of it.

We were told that we could take our assignments back for marketing last semester. I gladly took mine. Ce asked me what for?? I said i like to keep my assignments. Then she said "Your house must be full of junk".

Hahahaha, she's soooo right! Found receipts of school fees from 2000!! There were so many little time capsules in my room.

Time to trash some stuff.

2005 was... a year filled with many new experiences. So many. From entering university and staying at the hostel, to having my first office job, to crashing my car...

That's just naming a few. It has been one hell of a year. Being 19. So much has happened. Being vague here cuz this is my Blog and all of 2005 are in the archives...

Made many new friends, kept in touch with some of the old and fell out with a few. Regarding the few... I longed for things to be like they were. But maybe... it's time to let go.

As hard as it is. I have to let go.


Joey said...

If u've tried ur best, yet the situation doesn't change, it is best to let go. Though easier said than done, I hope u'll b able to do it. :-)

tze said...

you can always keep them in memories.. there's no need to completely let go i guess. besides, its only a matter of time before you guys meet again. =)

and sweet valley rocks okay. wahhahahahaa.. =p

sue lin said...

Hey Joey, i feel that i've did all i can do. Just doesn't seem right anymore.

Tze, yup, of course, i'm keeping them in memories. =) By letting go, i simply mean stop trying to make things like they were.
Haha, Sweet Valley does rock!

susan said...

WhY so SENTIMENTAL....:P hahahaa

sue lin said...

Dunno la, i've always been, even before i knew what the word meant larrrr