Monday, December 19, 2011


Week 8 Hoop and Week 16 in Pole were fantastic!!!

Above: The Tease! The trick i had no problems with from the start of Level 2 =)

The Siren. I'm still struggling with this one. Supposed to straighten both arms and lean back but i havent been able to

And the trick that i didnt think i could do on week 16:
The Inside Leg Ballerina! Surprised myself =) =) Lots of room for improvement though. Take a look at how my teacher does it!

She's awesome!!! She promoted the studio in the Sexpo exhibition 3 days in a row, 8 hours of pole dancing each day. Thats insane!!!

In Hoop we didnt have a camwhore session, so back to the drawing board!

Tried the above move, also not expecting i could do it and whoaaaa, i did it! "Hello Abs, nice to meet you!". Its actually quite comfortable hanging upside down like that once u get your legs balanced: equal weight in front and at the back of the hoop!

The Waterfall next. I was so scared the first time !

1. You get into that position on the hoop, with both hands palm facing the back holding onto the pole beside your hips.

2. You lean forward, make sure you keep the bent leg bent, let gravity do the job and you end up like this

Dont ask me how it works but it just does and hey, i didnt fall!!! =) =) Hurts the back of the knee but its so cool!!!

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