Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jammed packed week

Haha, just so like me to over plan my holidays, not wanting to waste a moment of it.

As a result, i am super tired and cant do the things i plan to do at night. Was too grumpy after gym last night to blog.

Gotta do some stuff, and bring sis ice skating, the clock is ticking. Another long long day ahead.

I feel guilty for not checking my work mail... =( its my forced leave, why do i feel that way?


Sue Lin said...

Slept 2 hours in the evening, exhausted after skating with sis and buying her be-early bday present.

Dinner with E and then i watched Gossip Girl on his pc, hung out =)

Came home and finally checked work mail. Yah, there was work to be done, client has replied. Procrastinated by reading forwarded emails, what they say abt the Pisces employee is so true, paints the picture of my life at the moment. Deleted unwanted emails regarding the Inter Accounting Firms Games... started working

Replied mails, played Facebook poker and then bestfriend woke up already over there in Melbourne. Skyped. If i write any longer, bf's wake up time is approaching.

K la, i am getting hungry. Goodnight

Sue Lin said...

So sleepy... but better get going, got errands to run (stuff i have been putting off when i was working/taking exams)

and belly dancing class to join (normally cant go for the class cuz its at 2pm on a Thurday)!

Then i should get to clearing up my pigsty... (however u spell that word)

supplementals said...

lemme continue for u.

Did some stuff in the morning.

Then went to bangsar in the evening to call a friend if can illegal park at the yellow line near McD. To which friend replied "CANNOT. SURE kena"

Drove off to look for proper parking like a good citizen.


Sue Lin said...

HHAHAHHA, i got co-blogger!

Yala, so amazing that the police will be so hardworking to go fine people for illegal parking at 4am. Somemore if i parked there i would be RIGHT under the sign board! Scary thats why i called u.

Dinner and great chat session with my Ex-study partner, she's one of the best! =)

Then went to office to submit claims and prepare for next week's training by downloading all the databases onto my laptop and read a bit on MASB and FRS

Oh and belly dancing was superb, so so fun! Dont matter than the teacher is a guy! Hahaha, sometimes it was funny.

And most of the students are aunties, some of them can really shake well! Hahaha