Monday, August 25, 2008

Monash Peninsula Graduation 2007

Sorry this post is 8months late, but better late than never right? Also i managed to do this post before the upcoming Monash Malaysia Graduation in September. Heheheheh

Below: Dorky, geeky happy me:

I wore the gown even before the results were out. Not many people were up for it.

I wanted to cry cuz not many companions that day. Just me and C throwing our hats in my Peninsula campus:

The real day came along soon enough and my whole family was there! =)

My sis's first trip to Aust and my father actually didnt want to go (to save money).

But my mom succeeded in forcing him to go! Lol

So happy to have pictures with both my parents in the beautiful Clayton campus on that day

HAPPY, ECSTATIC, OVER THE MOON! The amount i smiled that day was too much.

I looked horrible in so many pictures cuz i over-smiled. Picked out the ok ones for the blog of course

My darling E in his suit and i

He was camerman that day and my mom was camerawoman, while my father was video-cameraman

D and R came for a short while

They were the ones who bought me the flowers =) Thanks guys!

My lil sis and i:
In a year or so, i won't have to bend down when taking pictures with her! She's growing so tall so fast!

A pic with some friends. Two of the guys are my colleagues now. One of them already resigned

Notice the other 2 girls are in pretty dresses? My mom asked me why didn't i wear a dress and somewhat implied that i was ugly. Hate it when moms do that =(

But love my mom no matter what. Another family pic

Hey, airfares to Melbourne arent cheap in THOSE days okay? Had to take plenty of pix with the whole family

Soon it was time to walk to the hall

The opening was really grand. The music was live and it was good, too bad i was still a lil depressed i wasnt wearing a lovely dress...

Thats a blury pic of me on stage

After the ceremony, i met up with more of my campus mates!

Love this candid shot. Love our smiles. We threw the hats

R and i

Damn i realize i havent seen her since we shopped at Essendon way back in early January!

A great pic of my brother and E!

I've got a siblings pic but i look like shit in there =P So that one will never see the face of this blog

Last but not least, my campus mates,

with our scrolls! =)
Monash Graduates class of 2007
Ceremony date 18/12/2007

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