Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Super Jackpot Bonus

Stupid, remember this??

Something due everyday this week for me

Just got better.

Presentation got brought forward.

And a million other things had to happen today. Bad day. Plus everything else ALSO has to fall this week. Like trying on our cheerleading uniform. And renewing my driving lisence.

Don't i have enough things to do???

Mafan. Wanna complain but no time.

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She's Jess said...

Come back and complain after you settle everything :)

sue lin said...

Hahaha, by then no need already lar. No point right? And got a lot of other stuff i haven't written about... =)

She's Jess said...

Right right.. Am waiting for more posts from you then :p

sue lin said...

Wanted to write one today, but i slept... so tired... so much work... Sorry Jess !

It's nice2 know i'm missed though! =)

I'm a terrible last minute person...