Tuesday, September 28, 2010

36 hours to go

and then i'll be free!!!! =)

Please please let this is the LAST paper i will need to sit for my Chartered Accountancy! Also known as professional paper, also known as a Graduate Diploma

Time flies, even when you aren't having =P


tastyskull said...

good luck! i am just about to begin a degree in accounting. good to read about someone who's nearly finishing! wishing you all the best. :)

Sue Lin said...

Thanks! =) Good luck with ur degree, its nice to go back to uni, i miss it so much! Have fun!

tastyskull said...

aww thanks :) and thanks for visiting my blog. I've been reading yours here and there for a little while now.
to answer your question, I'm enrolled at USQ - the University of Southern Queensland. So excited to be finally starting something lol. It's been six years since I finished school and my dad is kind of like 'so... when are you going to... doooo something?' lol.

supplementals said...


Isya said...

on. the. verge. of. panicking!

omg. i hate icaa... meh.

Joey said...

Good luck and all the best!

Sue Lin said...

Tastyskull wowww! Thanks, that really brought a smile to my face =)

Wow, six years since Year 12?! Lol, that is long! Will read about your uni life in ur blog =)

Supp haha! But no, I keep all my study materials wan. Only the ones i dun want i'll try to sell =P

Marshmellows and KAYA. Tak pernah cuba

Isya its over now =) I feel like using the pic Mel took of u after exams to blog =P I dun have any of me with the luggages!

Joey thanks dear =)

Jacqueline said...

Tidy up ur books... XD

Sue Lin said...

Hahahahha, i piled it all up on the table just to take the picture! The other half was stored in my car!

Valdez Lisa said...

i have put all the CLPs high up on my book shelf. May this be our last time to take icaa exams.

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha! Yeah, may this be the last time we sit for a CA examination =)